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Learned years ago, anything that says Craftsman and has a cord coming out of it, is junk!!!!

Was a big Dewalt fan when I first got started since that's what all the "big contractors" used. Took me 4 years before it sunk in, Dewalt batteries are a joke and only good for about a year before they need to be replaced. As far as Dewalt tools with cords, I'll vouge for them 100%. Both our 10" contractor table saws are the best thing on the market as far as durability, accuracy, and portability! The 12" standard compound miter cuts just as accurate now as it did when we first set it up and is 10x's better than my cast iron 10" Delta miter, only used that for rough in framing now since precion cuts are out of the question LOL!!

I tried the Ryobi 18V cordless stuff 2 years ago and am sold. Very durable as can be attested from multiple 8' ladder drops onto concrete, batteries are just as good now as they were 2 yrs ago and are cheap when wanting to buy batteries for back-ups. Think I'll be sticking with them for awhile until I find something that out performs it per sticker price and durability. I've used/borrowed Milwauke tools on site before and they are nice tools, but the last thing I need (since these drills become an extension to my arm Mon-Fri) is the heavy weight they bring with them that could turn the arm into a noodle in no time flat.

I've been buying all Makita corded tools lately and have been bery impressed with them, palm sander/belt sander/drywall guns/1/2" electric impact/jig saw/and 7 1/4" skill saw and they all seem to be going strong with no troubles.

I've bought 2 Bosch 1/2" hammer drills, burnt first one up less than a year old, bought another hoping it was a fluke. It works great for drilling and that's it. Try using it to mix mud and it's all over, gets so hot you cant hold onto it. My 1/2" Milwauke corded drill (NOT hammer type) has been doing the same work for 8 years with no overheating. So when this Bosch burns up, I'll be buying another Milwauke 1/2" hammer drill. Also have a Bosch planer (portable/handheld) and that things works great and I have no complaints about that tool what so ever.

I bought a Porter Cable 7 1/4" left hand skill saw a few years back with thoughts of it being nice to easily watch the line I'm cutting. The saw itself is great, very balanced, operates smoothly, BUT with the left hand cut I get nothing but eyefulls of wood splinters and dust so unfortuneatly it's been sitting idle for 2 years waiting for another truck to find a new home in.

Paslode cordless framing nailers, 2 framing 1 finish. They're like a computer, the best thing ever invented when they work, but when they screw up it's always at the wrong time. They are VERY durable, sliding off roofs onto driveways, falling off ladders/tool belts 8' to ground more times than I can count and still ticking, no cracked housings or anything 1 corded Paslode Positive Placement nailer that is 6 years old and still going strong and makes joist hanger/hurricane tie installation a breeze.

Bostich corded framing nailer 6 years old as strong as ever with NO rebuilds yet, 3 Bostich ridge runner roofing guns same age and no rebuilds and no signs of quiting.

I need to stop, sorry for long post


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I'll take that PC 7 1/4" leftie off of your hands.
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So what's the deal with these 7-1/4" lefties? Is seeing the blade and the kerf worth the re-orientation of having the blade on the left side, or should I just stick to the conventional blade right saw?

And Teetor, I got fifty bucks on that lefty you have your eye on! :D


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