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Reed 02-13-2004 04:40 PM

Cheap Tools!
SPAM :mad:

Grumpy 02-13-2004 06:42 PM

more spam? You get what you pay for.

To be honest almost all my power tools are Ryobi. They are the cheapest of the high quality power tools, even all the guys at my company use ryobi and we have no problems. Very nice tools I recommend Ryobi.

Nathan 03-19-2004 01:54 AM

Didn't they just come out with a commercial line?

hatchet 03-19-2004 08:26 AM

Milwaukee.. all the way. I just wish they had a table saw. :)

Teetorbilt 03-23-2004 10:56 PM

I mix and match, Ryobi being bottom of the line. I'll pay a few more bucks for what I know will work.
For stationary equipment I like the really old stuff, cast iron all of the way. Tough to move around but they also don't squirrel when you are using them, critical if you are doing fine work.

Grumpy 03-25-2004 08:14 AM

Yes Nate, I believe those are the ones I use. Maybe... Possibly... :)

Teetor like I've said a few times, pretty much all our guys own Ryobi and use them daily and nobody has ever complained. I have a set and never had a problem once. I am satisfied with the quality, and have used higher priced tools in the past.

Teetorbilt 03-25-2004 09:07 PM

Grumpy, I do a lot of finish woodworking, doors, cabinets, etc. and I find that the adjustments are lacking with Ryobi especially routers, very crude.

hatchet 03-26-2004 02:25 PM

I'd rather pay a little extra money and get good quality tools. You really have to search to find those old cast iron tools. Once you do find them it can be a little spendy to purchase.. unless you find a little old lady that doesn't really know what she's got.. then you feel guilty.. it's a viscious circle :)

Grumpy 03-26-2004 07:25 PM

Teetor, I will agree with you there. We don;t do much finish work, but I have a compound miter from them. To be honest I wouldnt trust any of the guages. I always use a combination square to check my angles... but in their defense I bought the cheapest one they had. Like every manufacturer they make several grades of equipment form cheapo to pretty damned nice.

Teetorbilt 03-27-2004 03:58 PM

I have noticed that no one has mentioned Ridgid. They appear to be a quality tool and get high ratings in the mags that I get. Any input?

hatchet 03-28-2004 12:01 AM

I've never owned any - but with some of the newer tools they have they are getting higher ratings in the tool reviews. I may have to talk to them and see if they can send me some for review.

Teetorbilt 03-28-2004 04:30 PM

hatchet, don't forget to mention me! Their 10" portable tablesaw was a best buy in the latest edition of Woodworker, I'd sure like to test one.

hatchet 03-29-2004 12:41 PM

I've got a call into them. They forwarded my message on to marketing to see if they would be interested. *fingers crossed*

kesac 09-05-2004 09:22 AM

I like Ryobi's corded drill, with clutch. I have about given up on corded anything. The only thing Rigid I have is a jointer, and it doesn't get used too much. I have a Rigid 12" planer too, and it does get some use, and works just fine.
Bosch makes the best jig saw, I believe. I like Jet's table saws for the money. I like Dewalt's routers, and I have one of their 708 sliding crosscut saws, that I bought rebuilt, and think it is great.
I love Porter Cables left handed 743 circle saw, nad my 557 plate jointer.
I don't think there is one line that is best at all things. Some times you pay twice as much for the best, and only get about 10% more for your money. If it costs half, and lasts 3 yr. instead of 4, it might be a better deal.
It seems like those "best" tools want to walk off more often than the lesser brands do.

LJD 03-17-2005 05:42 PM

Anybody else use Buffalo? I just love these things!! I don't know if there's a warranty or not, but they seem to cost much less than, for example, Snap-On. Plus the guy that drives the Buffalo truck is real nice.

Seriously, I've had these waterpump pliers for goin' on 2 years, and no problems yet. I think I paid $8.99 or something!!

If you haven't tried Buffalo Tools, you should!

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