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Originally Posted by WirelessG View Post
I was gonna click on a thanks to Vinny for his post, but then I realized he was picking a fight, acting silly, and not worth commenting on. Maybe a new forum section could be created that is only available to Vinny. He could be the moderator and the admin of this section and he would only have himself to argue with.
Thank you for your opinion. But, as a matter of fact, I was not being combative; I was engaging in serious discussion. I meant no offense, and I regret if any might have been taken.


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Originally Posted by Handy Vinny View Post
Look, Mr. Chips, you seem like a nice person. The last thing I want to do is offend you, but at this point in the thread, I am not really clear on what your position is, as you seem to be advocating both renting and purchasing this piece of machinery. I appreciate your attempts at hashing out the different economic scenarios involved in these hypothetical situations.
My position is clearly stated, it pays to rent something like this over buying outright, for the average HO. Your position, IMO, is the unclear one, since you refuted my statement by saying at $80 annually a person is better off putting that money toward owning, but owning such a piece of equipment is just showing off

Originally Posted by Handy Vinny View Post

For my part, let me just reiterate that I do not think it is advisable for a homeowner to own or rent anything beyond a simple thatching rake, as anything else would be unnecessary--unless, however, the user is of advanced age or is suffering from some kind of orthopedic problem.
it is certainly advisable for someone to rent or own if they choose to. Some people simply don't enjoy doing yard work, so they either leave it undone, pay someone to do it for them, or they buy/rent a piece of equipment to make the job easier. It's like me saying you shouldn't own a car, since you have two feet and a bike will get you where you need to go.

Originally Posted by Handy Vinny View Post
Do you realize that I am registered on the pro site, Contractor Talk, as a lawn care professional?
I am really not sure what that has to do with anything? Even self proclaimed internet experts sometimes make mistakes....No one is argueing that a manual rake won't work, but with that being said, a power unit will work better, and faster. I don't agree with you that owning or renting a machine is showing off.


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Those who can't criticize on the internet

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