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tedallen 06-02-2012 04:52 PM

Bosch 11245EVS Rotary Hammer Drill for Ground Rods
I just rented a Bosch 11245EVS (24.5 lb, 14amp, 13.3 ft. lbs.) and a ground rod driver bit to attempt to drive 4 5/8" x 8' copper-clad ground rods into the ground.

I thought for sure this beast would do the trick. On two of the four, I was mostly successful. The other two, however, out next to my shed, I only was able to get 24-30 inches deep. I then went and purchased two more ground rods and moved to different locations in the general area of the shed and had the same result. I now have the majority of 4 ground rods sticking up above ground, one of which I drove at approximately 50-55 degrees from grade in hopes if it hit a rock it might glance past it.

Other than cutting the ground rods off and making more attempts does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might salvage the ones that are already stuck partially into the ground? If there is another tool that would do a better job of driving the ground rods home (other than a sledge hammer) I would be interested in hearing about it.

Best Regards,


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