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The pros I have talked to always say do not be loyal to a brand be loyal to the tool. Personally I would not rec. a cordless drill unless you are going to be using it very sparingly. Funny this thread popped up, I just had a pal stop over last week to use my heavy duty electric non-cordless drill because he was sick of his firestorm or whatever it is called type of drill running out of juice every 15 mins. Go with a nice mid grade cord drill and it will last you a life time. I have a couple, one is a Dewalt (don't have the model number off hand) but it is a higher end one I have had for 5 or 6 years and it has served me well and has been used extensively for everything from plywood to 16" concrete. Another is a very old, ~25yrs?? at least craftsman that works like a charm it's just that it has a very inconvenient old-school key for changing bits so I don't use it often.

Short version: Buy a drill with a cord and invest in a good extension cord.

Unless you are flipping foreclosed properties you will almost always have a power source.


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Originally Posted by NateHanson View Post
Repeatedly buying cheap tools that die or don't accomplish the job really ends up being a waste of money, in my opinion. You spent money on the skil driver, now you want to spend more on the B&D. For the cost of the two crappy tools you could have bought a decent brand. If you don't do it now, you'll just be in the same situation in another year. The more crappy tools you buy, the more money you'll be throwing away. Just bite the bullet, and buy a makita, porter cable, milwaukee, freud, or even a rigid tool. I've had great experiences with all. I'm a heavy tool user (DIY home stuff, and professional furniture builder), and in 5 years of work, I've never had to replace a tool because it wore out or couldn't do the job.
I`m agree your opinion,because you paid what you get...
i own makita cordless drill 5 years for heavy use,it don`t let me down.
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when a good brand tool like Makita needs repair.... if you cannot do it yourself.... might as well buy another one..... a broken tool probably already so worn out ... even repaired... probably only have half life back...and not as good as it used to be... why spent the expensive $$ repair money... unless you are talking about warantee period, for that... good brand tool usually work strong for those 1 or 2 years time frame....
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to be totally honest with you, Black and decker, while i have never used them i have also never seen them used or heard from anyone who bought one. For 99 dollars your better off spending 10 more on a craftsman 19.2 volt diehard hammer drill at sears. Great drill comes with 2 batteries and a 30 min charger. Wont die on you unless you somehow brake it, so far serves me well.
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I know this is an old thread and maybe nobody cares by now but I've owned the Black and Decker 18 volt firestorm drill with the removable chuck for about five years now and I am very happy with it.

I have used it a great deal for a non-professional (we're restoring an apartment building that we own). I've put up the hardibacker for five showers with it, I've used to do a lot of framing repair that involves driving lots of long screws, I've used it under the building in the mud and the muck when I've been working on broken drain lines, I've hung lots of blinds with it, I've used it with hole saws many times, I've hung a bit of dry wall with it, and I've dropped it numerous times. And it's still going. I'm afraid it's slowing down a bit as it enters its later years and in a few years I'll probably replace it with some fancy new lithium ion job, but for my purposes it has worked well and long.

I paid $99 for it, but I've seen it much cheaper than that and I've seen it bundled with other tools at good prices.

Previously, I owned a 12 volt DeWalt. The B&D was a much more powerful, much more versatile tool than the 12 volt DeWalt but I don't know how it stacks up against other cordless drills.
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Black and Decker/Firestorm (Lowes PL) is the homeowner/DIY line versus their DeWalt professional line. B&D power tools range from kitschy 'n' cute to barely adequate to decent to good to actually very, very good. They spent way too much time in recent years trying to boost sales with duplicate models, non-value-added features, color schemes, trendy looks, etc. Their new VPX line seems to be well thought out, versatile and actually pretty good. Years back, B&D was strictly a hardware store brand, same as Skil, and the quality was also good. Not pro quality like it once was many years ago, but good for any homeowner and DIY-er. Now, the DeWalt line, which has been noticeably devoid of any lithium-ion tools in the line, is being wildly bundled, discounted and footballed around - like they were cleaning out house - presumably for the launch of a whole new platform, possibly Lithium-Ion.

If you're happy with your purchase, that's great. B&D will work for some but not for all. I just bought their VPX handisaw and their VPX vacuum. But, I did my homework first and if either had turned out to be a dud, they'd have gone right back to HD for a refund.


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