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bighak 01-12-2013 05:01 PM

Air tools or electric?
I recently bought a foreclosure in bad shape and I need to do many jobs. It's my first house and I dont much tools. I'm looking to start buying tools. My first big job will be removing 700 sqf of ceramic flooring. Would it be better to buy an Air Hammer/Chisel & a compressor or buy an electric rotary hammer?

The air tool seems cheaper and it would justify buying a compressor that can be used for many other jobs.

jeffsw6 01-12-2013 05:19 PM

Keep in mind that you can rent many tools! Home Depot has a tool rental department, and then there are places like Sunbelt who do it as their main business.

If you are only going to need a tool for one job, you should probably rent it instead of buy. Also often if you rent a tool on a Friday you can keep it until Monday morning but only pay for one day of rental. That gives you all weekend to use it.

As far as air vs electric, air tools are less portable than electric ones. You need the air compressor and hoses wherever you are using it. Electricity is obviously easier to deal with.

An air chisel needs a lot of air. They come in different sizes, obviously. If you get a 4CFM@90PSI chisel and put it on a 5CFM@90PSI compressor, the compressor will work almost constantly to keep up with the tool. It might not last very long under that kind of duty-cycle.

Air tools also often need oil lubrication and some need low water content in the air to last a long time. So then you are looking at a water filter and oiler. Other kinds of tools (like paint sprayers) need the oil removed from the air!

So air tools can be kinda complicated. Unless you really think it is worth the investment in the compressor and don't mind buying the needed accessories to keep your tools working a long time, you might be better off with electric tools.

joecaption 01-12-2013 06:58 PM

This is what I use to remove tile and to drill holes in brick, block and concrete.

woodworkbykirk 01-12-2013 10:06 PM

go with a electric hammer, a air hammer will need atleast a 25 gallon compresor to run the tool

DiYRegular 01-15-2013 05:09 AM

I prefer air over electric.. I don't know why but air machines seems more robust. Bosch 11255VSR 1 is a good one.. it's very strong I think. Air tools like Grex (a nailer) seems quite powerful too.. and looks cool as well.

woodworkbykirk 01-15-2013 09:28 AM

grex nailers are amazing, there a leader but not available in every store. .my next 18 gauge is going to be the $220 grex green buddy

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