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gone_fishing 11-12-2008 09:04 PM

Air Compressor Options?
I am planning a few renovations that a compressor would be great for. I was looking at a Dewalt with 2 guns from HD or a Porter Cable with 3 guns from Lowes. Then I found a Bostich 6 gall with 3 guns (reconditioned) for $189. I would then pick up a framing gun from Harbor Freight.

What do you guys think?


RippySkippy 11-13-2008 08:57 AM

All of them would do what it appears you're going to do. Do you have specific questions about them? Are they oil less or oil? What are the guns that come with the packages?

One thing I like to do is have more than one gun hooked up at a time....and depending on your compressor of choice, you may have 1 or 2 hookups. In addition to that, I like to have a small manifold that will allow the compressor to be far away, and run say a finish and brad nailer at the same time with out switching hoses.

A quick google turned up a pretty cool site with a boat load of selections...didn't know there were so many... and other styles.

gone_fishing 11-14-2008 07:34 PM

My goal was to get feedback on the Bostich unit or see if people suggest paying the extra for PC or Dewalt.

CrpntrFrk 11-14-2008 11:42 PM


Originally Posted by gone_fishing (Post 185022)
My goal was to get feedback on the Bostich unit or see if people suggest paying the extra for PC or Dewalt.

I have a Bostich roofing nailer and have been very pleased with it but I have never been able to force myself to buy reconditioned tools. Not saying that they are a bad thing just not sure about it.

I have a finish stapler and 15ga angle finish nailer from Porter Cable and they have served me well also!

Try to look at the whole picture before you buy! Are the fastners readily availible for the guns? What are the warranties? Can the compressor handle more than one gun? Stuff like that.

I use a 16ga DeWalt nailer a couple times and didn't like it very much but I have heard good things about thier compressors!

I was disapointed to hear you were going to spend money on quality name brand tools then turn around and buy a framing nailer from Harbor Frieght. I think you will not be pleased later on with that purchase!

JCAHILL4 11-15-2008 08:43 PM

I purchased a bostitch bag of nailers with a finish nailer, a stapler and a brad nailer. I also purchased a framing nailer of the same brand. Great brand! :thumbup:

gone_fishing 11-15-2008 10:27 PM

I ordered a Porter Cable FR450A framing nailer. My wife is ordering the Bostich 3 pack compressor combo tomorrow...

CrpntrFrk 11-15-2008 11:19 PM

You'll shoot your eye out... you'll shoot your eye out!!!:laughing::laughing:
Just kidding! You will be one happy camper with those purchases.... or fisherman in your case. Have fun with your gun!

gone_fishing 11-16-2008 08:42 AM

Even better deal...I just bought a Makita reciprocating saw for $46 at Home Depot!!! It was normally $189 but a slow mover and last 2 left.

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