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shoeheel 12-11-2008 08:46 PM

Air Compressor Blow Off Valve Help
My Father-in-Law has a cheap hot-dog compressor (Meijer "Shop Force") that pumps up and blows off about 50% of the the time. It doesn't seem that there is a problem with the compressor, just that the settings for the pressure relief valve and the switch are toooooo close. Is there a way to adjust either? I've searched for the owners manual on-line, but no luck. I won't be seeing him or the compressor until just before Christmas, so I can't look at it on my own.

Thanks in advance.

junkcollector 12-12-2008 04:21 PM

A few years back I had the same problem with an inexpensive compressor. I ended up adjusting the pressure relief valve by removing the ring (comes off like a keyring) pulling off the plastic cap, loosening the locknut, and turning the valve stem in a turn. I then tightened up the locknut and replaced the cap and ring. As long is the pop-off pressure is just set to close to the cut out pressure of the pressure switch, there is little danger in doing what I just said. It was just adjusted too close at the factory.

You could also open up the pressure switch, and turn down the large nut that has a + - on it. This nut adjusts both the cut in and cut out. Turn it counterclockwise about a turn. Keep in mind, this will lower the maximum output pressure acordingly.

What pressure does the compressor shut off at? 110? 115? 125?

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