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Woodburner and car in the same garage

I moved and now have a large shop/garage. It came ready for me to install a woodburner. Triple wall through the roof, already there. The shop is 40X60 with 12' up to the rafters. All open and uninsulated and a 10'X14' door at one end. Ohio winters are cold so I brought along my woodburner to install to help take a bit of the chill off. This year I have no plans to insulate. There is a 2 car attached garage to the shop with a man-door between the two structures.

My question is, I have plenty of room to keep the car in the shop area but I'm wondering if anyone knew what the chances were of the gas fumes that they say are ever present at ground level from a vehicle, being ignited from a woodburner 30' away?

I can move the car into the attached garage but that would make it a little tight getting my truck in and out. I would rather be safe than sorry and put up with the space inconvience if it's necessary. (Although I'd be forced to buy some new equipment to fill that space in the shop ).

The car is newer and does not leak any fluids.

Anyone have a thought, experience they wish to share?


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The fact that the car is new and doesn't leak any fluids is somewhat comforting, but heavy vapors still do accumulate in the garage at floor level from things like gas cans, lawn mowers, etc.

The "what if's" would probably scare me out of doing it myself or advising anyone to do it. That's an expensive building, not to mention the contents.

Something to consider if you're determined to do this would be installing a block pedestal to get the space heater up off the floor. I know the code says any source of combustion in a garage should be 18" off the floor...That could be a way to increase the margin of safety and still get to use the heater.

They make gas-fired unit heaters that hang from the ceiling of garages and work really well. Might be worth considering when you finally decide to insulate the space.


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I've burned wood around vehicles and so have several people I know for many years and never had any incidents happen (KOW). And these were/are a lot smaller buildings than 40X60. In fact, a metal building with no insulation is going to take some serious wood burning to knock the chill off!

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Thanks KC I appreciate the input.

After posting this morning I grabbed a cup of coffee and my tape measure to see just how tight it would be with two vehicles in the garage.
Looks like I have about 3 feet of clearance if I keep the car close to the outside wall. Duel wheel truck takes a lot of room plus I'm always moving stuff into and out of the truck so backing in is preferred.

I was surprised that the local fire crew didn't have a concern. The country is certainly different than the city. They advised as you mentioned, 18" off the floor and also triple wall through the roof. With lots of available wood, at least for the first year or so I'm gonna burn it. Maybe down the road, once insulated, I'll switch to another fuel.

Rusty, It's a wood frame structure, 2x12's. Easy to insulate but right now all it has is 3/4 ply and house wrap under vinyl siding. Not much for keeping heat in.

I'll try moving stuff around today and see how the vehicles fit. I'm liking the idea of all that additional space I'm gonna have.

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I've had a barrel stove in my garage since I built the house 12 years ago. It was there when the final inspection was made.

The bottom of it is 18" from the floor, as is the furnace and propane water heater. The back of the stove is 18" from the wall, and the wall has 2 layers of 5/8" type X sheetrock from the concrete stem wall to the ceiling, 4' wide.

I mounted a fan near the ceiling above the stove, aimed downward slightly. It does a good job of circulating warm air throughout the building.

These certainly can be done safely, and to code, plus, it's a lot cheaper to heat with wood than a fossil fuel.

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