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bli182nk 05-22-2010 01:31 AM

Wood furniture care/ Cleaning (I ?!#?!? up)
I screwed up... I have had a wood bed frame from "west elm" for about a month. One of my dogs marked there territory, basically lifted leg and peed on the bed frame. The bed frame is considered a platform bed, If you can tell from link there is like a step around the bed and the pee sat there over night. I did not realize the bed frame is actual wood, usually there is a wood laminate placed over real wood, found out this bed frame was not made this way, it's actual real finished wood. No wonder The bed frame cost So much!

When i tried to clean the pee spot it left a haze/ dull finish in the exact spot the pee was, so my bright idea was to use a kitchen sponge with dish soap, dawn.. I cleaned about 4 inches x 4 inches. When i wiped it off the whole area, 4 x 4 spot, was hazy/ dull. What do I do? It tried a water vinegar mix but that did not work. I even tried using a cleaning product made for "wood" that has oil in it (swiffer dust & shine spray/ lavender vanilla), technically this has a multi purpose use, says to use with leather/ marble and wood laminate. I just now realized the swiffer spray really doesn't specify for real wood so was probably a waste.

This is going to bother me, i am super crazy about stuff like this. i do not know where to turn or what to get/ do. i just want the bed to be shiny again. Also what is a good cleaning product to use on wood so i don't run into this problem again?

thank u so much, wish i wasn't such an idiot when it comes to this.. If anyone has experience with this happening to wood floors i am sure it's all the same principle of cleaning.


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