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mgarfield 04-18-2010 11:26 PM

Wife approved next purchase, need opinions
OK, heres the story. Ive been wanting a new miter for awhile, Im in the process of finishing a big reno and with all the trim thats left and another room to floor its time. (Ive had a friends Makita 10" SCMS on loan till this weekend).

Now Im torn, Makita 10" dual bevel slider or Dewalt 12" fixed dual bevel. The Makita is $150 more since its a slider but can cross-cut a 2x12, the Dewalt will only go 2x10. However the Dewalt will do 6 1/2" base vertically, the Makita 4 3/4. The slider makes cutting laminate a bit easier but, the larger base capacity of the Dewalt would be nice too. The 2" difference in cross-cut isnt a deal breaker, I have a circular saw and a table saw if I need to cut that large.

So all things considered, 10" slider or 12" fixed? As of right now Im only a homeowner/DIyer but im getting more and more requests from friends and family to do side work for them. And no, the 12" slider isnt an option, the Makita at $549 is max budget. So is the slider worth the extra $150 just because its a slider, or should I save the money go fixed blade and spend the remainder on something else, like a stand! Opinions please!

jklingel 04-19-2010 01:28 AM

not easy
Likely the best cat to ask is you. Are you cutting wider, thinner stuff mostly, or fatter, thicker? Both machines have their limits. Want an opinion? If you are going to be doing odd jobs for people, spend the money on the 12" compound bevel slider and get a few more jobs with it to pay for itself. Better to have one more expensive saw than a cheaper one now and a spendy one later. Good luck; we all go through this type of thing 507 times a year. j

oh'mike 04-19-2010 05:48 AM

12" DeWalt---That High fence and 6 1/2 ' cut--

Will cut 4x4 posts in one chop--

With the other tools in your garage the cross cut size is not as important as the features above.
DeWalt has crown stops available.

As a trim guy myself I don't see the 10' as a competitor.--Mike--

ccarlisle 04-19-2010 06:33 AM

Yeah, they come in all varieties, some smaller, some a lot bigger than you need, some with safety features that are always good - but most will serve for years to come - and you never know exactly what projects you may have in the future as your family grows...and let's face it they may not get any cheaper than they are now, you'll have to plan on maintenance one way or the other no matter what model you end up with. But the ones with the greater versatility have always served me well, not bells-and-whistles - just the ability to do more that just the basics. But now is the time to evaluate all the features you need and the one you'll need later and when you do that, you'll do like me.

Get a new wife.

clb2010 04-19-2010 10:21 AM

Found the DeWalt model 718 12" slider on sale at OSH for $509... Perhaps that helps. Sears had it for $611 but matched the no sales tax and the price for me plus 10% of the difference. I say that in case OSH is out of it.

mgarfield 04-19-2010 02:03 PM

Ended up going with the makita, LS1016L. 10" slider, comes with a laser guide (neat feature even if I dont use it). Seems to be the best for my price range and what I will be doing with it. Ive also worked with several makitas in the past so I was use to them, maybe it made me a bit biased. I was looking into reconditioned, but after shipping I would only save 50 bucks, for the extra 50 id rather have new. The miter was dead on out of the box, the bevel I adjusted just under a degree. Trimmed out a few windows already and so far it was a good purchase. Awesome.

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