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Weelee929 01-04-2006 01:19 AM

Why do drywall joints crack in garages?
Alot of the taped joints in my garage are cracked. Both wall and ceiling. Is this common? Is it due to temperature? My house is only 3 years old. If I mud over them will they crack again? Is there anyway to prevent them from cracking? Any info would be greatly appreciated. THANKS.

THEBIGPUNN 01-04-2006 06:54 AM

no way to prevent the cracking. your right temperature changes, moisture in the garage and foundation settleing. now that the house is a few years old i would mud over them.

johnwhowe 01-05-2006 08:12 PM

most garages only have a tape coat applied, thus making them weak and easy to succumb to temperature changes. perform the block and finish coats and it should not occur again.

slickshift 01-06-2006 07:30 AM

Retaping with the mesh tape helps also

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