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MichaelEllgren 09-21-2012 02:44 AM

Where can I get narrow plantation shutters/blinds?
Hello friends,

I have those narrow windows (7in wide) that run down both sides of my front door. I want to get either plantation shutters or blinds to go on them. Has anyone done this or know where I can get them?

Thank you
Michael Ellgren

chrisn 09-21-2012 03:37 AM

PaliBob 09-21-2012 03:57 AM

Hi Michael,Welcome to the Forum
I hope the previous post answers your question.
It is a good idea to include your location in your profile
Also check out how to Post pictures in the How To section

farzin75 09-21-2012 04:10 AM

Hi everybody

joecaption 09-21-2012 08:16 AM

If your goal is to cover them up so people can not see in, concider window film instead. Far cheaper, easy to apply and can be removed later if need be.
It's avalible in hundreds of differant pattens.

user1007 09-21-2012 12:32 PM

I actually like Joe's suggestion better than narrow blinds and shutters. As he mentioned you can get films in basic tints, reflective and frosted to patterns like clouds and even Tiffany-esque stained glass. If you don't like what you find, you can also find a nearby large output graphics place (blueprint shop, Fast Signs, Kinko's with sign capability, etc.) and output anything you want on transparent or translucent vinyl for adhering to the windows. Or you can output on electrostatic film which does not get glued to the window. Just make sure you know the file type and size to create by calling ahead.

Just remember that many reflective films work either direction. While they might block people from seeing in during the day, the situation could be reversed at night so if you are in the habit of dancing naked near your sidelights that might not be your best choice. Creative use of a custom output frosted vinyl can be made to look like etched glass.

Chris gave you sources for blinds and shutters. If you go online you can find pages and pages of suppliers. It is a fairly competitive business.

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