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woodkiller 08-31-2006 06:49 PM

Wheels for sliding glass door
I have a large sliding glass door opening onto my deck from the house. The door is wood with double pane glass. The wheels on the door are located in the center of door and run on an upright rail in the door frame. No local source has replacement wheels. The door is about 24 years old, but in great condition. No manufacturer ID is on the door. Any idea of sources for the wheels.
Thank you

daman3178 02-21-2007 03:14 AM

First, sorry for the late reply we are trying to bring the site up to speed so please hang in there with us. As for you problem, are the wheels broken? If not you might be able to lubricate them and make it work better. I too have a sliding door like this just not the problem, so this is very interesting to me. If you did find an answer to this problem please let us know what you did to solve this. Thanks!!


ToolbeltTed 07-13-2007 10:39 AM

try taking the wheel housings apart too. could just be a much smaller generic piece that needs replacing.

imported_harryo 08-18-2007 12:24 PM

I would try wd40 that stuff is great.

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