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sn604s 01-21-2012 04:15 PM

what tool is this
i saw a person use this neat tool. What is it called? It looks like a cane with no handle if i remember right. he set it on the floor in the corner of the room, then he took it to another corner and did the same thing. he was measuring the floor to see if it was level, then he set it in the middle of the floor...he did this through my whole house..what is this tool?

Daniel Holzman 01-21-2012 04:29 PM

Your description is pretty vague, but it could be a fluid level. The Zip Corporation makes a fluid level that uses a pole with a detection box on top, you zero the level, then you move from place to place, and it measures the difference in elevation.

sn604s 01-21-2012 05:05 PM

daniel, yo the man....I have an engineer coming to my house on monday....i found out my house was deceptively sold as a 2011 when in fact it is a 2006? did that happen? Small town big bucks or a good any how, the foundation of this house failed so he couldnt put it on the market. it sat vacant untill i bought the painted cow pie last foot went through the floor in the entrance way, so my ears perked husband and i are both disabled. I wrote the director of urban development and he answered me in hours. i sent him some pics.
he had all my inspections and permits to my home in my hot little hands in 2 hours!!my husband and i.. well our mouths fell open...he goes" huh, this file looks suspicious" well thats how we found out. the foudation failed from the city in 2006...the builder waited all these years to unload it....I have attorneys in line willing to work on a contingence fee..we interviewed anyway this home was insured as a 2011 new home, its still under builders warranty!...............anyway, come to find out you can only access the back half of the home, its a pier and beam. the warranty people suggested to the engineer (they are contracting) to bring a question to you or anyone else thats qualified is this: What type of tools will the engineer use if they have no access under the home to see if the structure is good and safe?

Aggie67 01-22-2012 10:36 AM

The home warranty corporation is bringing in their own engineer to inspect the house? Look at your policy and educate yourself a little before the engineer gets there. The warranty policies are usually written in a "performance", "action", and "comment" format for each component of the home. In your case, the rot and holes in the floor near the doors sound like water penetration issues (wind driven rain, as stated in one of your other posts). You need to read up on the applicable clauses, like storm doors and moisture barriers. You may be able to spot the defects yourself and point them out to the warranty corp's engineer. Best bet is to have your own engineer go through the home with your policy in his/her hand, and write an unbiased report. Then give your engineer's report to your lawyer. Regardless, it may come down to warranty dates and coverage. Things like storm door performance are usually year 1 to year 3 items.

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