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Old 02-11-2008, 06:27 PM   #31
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We walked into the local Lowe's yesterday, and people where wondering around like Zombies. Line at the Paint Counter, due to only one employee working (this was 1 pm in the Afternoon), some lady stated to her husband in Lighting that she guess that they should find someone. I mentioned to my wife, good luck with that.

Funny thing is, these stores want to keep building, but do not have the employees to keep them staffed, due to there is a line between want & need, and bodies.


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What pisses me off most is that I work at HD and when I worked at the store that originally hired me I loved it. The store was run like it should be, the management was great, the staff was awesome and the place was actually organized and well run.

After 8 months I had to transfer stores because I moved and needed a job where I was moving. Now the store I am in could be run better by monkeys, it is understaffed, the management doesn't care about customers or their employees, the store manager and HR manager work about 20 hours a week and get paid for 40... while I am "part time" and I am there 5 days a week working 32-40 hours a week and making peanuts...

I went in before Christmas to ask for a raise because they took my transfer wage and I found out from everyone I am making the least per hour in the entire store... So I had to leave a letter for our HR manager in her mail box so she actually knew I wanted to talk to her because shes never there... so a week later she calls me into her office and we talk about a raise... she tells me at the end of January she can bump my pay $1.50 an hour and to come back

Last week I go back and ask her about it... she denies it ever happened and tells me I have to wait until April for my one year raise (although my one year to the day of hiring is in 5 days)... The thing that pissed me off the most though is at the same time on her computer screen she had the pay scale up and I looked and the average salary in the store was just over $12 an hour and I am making $9 and trained in 3 different departments and going on one year with the company... meanwhile new hires are coming on and being paid more than me...

Needless to say I am job hunting right now
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Originally Posted by gregzoll View Post
It is called management getting their bonus. Have you thought about going to your state Labor Board? Also documentation helps when reporting. Problem is, when it comes to Corporate America, they worry about the bottom line, but not the workers, due to them all workers are, are slaves.

Nothing has changed over the years, and nothing will in the future.
I work for the government and we get screwed worse. Nothing will ever change, except the increase of chefs screwing up the soup. Based on my 2007 taxes, I could almost claim to pay my own salary. CIO (worthless) just gave herself and her cronies a raise, and now she is opening a "Deputy CIO" position - basically hiring someone to do her job for her. So much for that $92 million budget increase we are supposed to be cutting. And we, the people that do the actual work, won't see one penny.

Mooreski - you became the bottom man on the totem pole when you transfered. Next time you reach an agreement with HR/management/anybody you deal with, get it in writing. Documents hold up very well in court. Otherwise, they can pretty much get away with murder. There's the door - make sure it says EXIT!

PS - Sherwin Williams is hiring, and I don't think they have drug screening either.
"Aw! Why does everything that only happens to stupid people happens to me?" - Homer J. Simpson
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Old 02-14-2008, 10:45 PM   #34
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What ticks me off about HD and Lowes is their commercials. They always show helpful and knowledgable sales clerks. Every time I see those commercials I want to throw something at the TV. What a farse.
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I hate it when I need something and it is up on a shelf. It takes 20 minutes to find a employee, they take 20 minutes finding someone that is certified to use a machine to get it down. Then it takes 20 minutes for him to find the lift, and another 20 minutes to find help to block off the isle way. Then when they get it down it is either marked wrong or it is damaged. I honestly spent 30 minutes trying to purchace a new staple gun the other day. After a search to find a person certified to use a ladder, all of the 8 guns marked for staple gun were actualy brad nailers. Then it was the computer inventory search. WHAT A JOKE.

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The experiences you've given could have been written by yours truly. I've found the experience level sorely lacking in many of the Lowe's stores I've visited.

--Too many times I've had to locate an item for the "kid" who couldn't find the item for me.
--One time, a "kid" got irritated because he was asked to load the flagstone I purchased into my trunk. It took away from his flirting with the cashier. The display was quite unprofessional.
--Another time, I asked to have a thick slab of styrofoam cut in half. The clerk simply told me there was no one around to do it. As I walked away, I actually detected her smirking.

These days, I go to Ace Hardware where service is ready and experienced help is plentiful.

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The cuts, lol! If you have anything that needs to be cut make sure you use "proud" measurements. I have even marked the cut with a sharpie and it was still cut wrong. I fudged an inch once and somehow it came out perfect!

Returns. Just last night I had to return a couple of junk 36" (?) towel racks, unopened, same condition as they were on the shelf. I think the girl thought I stole them, since I didn't have the receipt. Yeah, I shoved 'em down my pants and ran out the door! I get a card for in-store credit. After finding somebody that knew where to find door harware that I thought I'd try out the you-scan overcharged me and then it wouldn't take the card. 15 minutes more and the stupid thing wouldn't give me change. I got yet another gift card...

I must be a glutton for punishment.
"Aw! Why does everything that only happens to stupid people happens to me?" - Homer J. Simpson
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I have gas!
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Once I learned that the only thing they can do for me is tell me where something is, I've been OK with HD and Lowes. I don't ask for advice anymore. That's what I use this board is for. FWIW, I love the return policy at HD, I can buy a tool, try it for a week and return it if is subpar.
I tear things down and build them up.
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I live in a relatively small town and until recently we only had HD. I kept watching the new LOWES being built across the street from the HD and thinking that I will never go into that HD again once the LOWES opened.
WOW... Eye opener for me. The long awaited LOWES store finally opened a couple weeks ago and I was in heaven thinking this would be great.
If there are any suits from LOWES reading this, pay attention!
I have now been into the brand NEW LOWES store in our small town and to my amazement, not one time did I find what I needed. NOT ONCE! What the $#@$$! are they thinking. Did they not study the market that they were entering? I was looking for common items. Common especially in our town.
Lighting timer, dimmer switches, amber light bulbs, log chinking material. They didn't even know what these things were. I was really for some reason suprised at that, they had to hire people from the area to run the store I would think they would be familiar with the products used locally at least. I think they had a special where if you took the job there you got a free hot dog or something. Maybe a free hit of meth with every day you show up to work.
Needless to say, I shop at my local supply houses and or Ace for the most part. The extra $ is worth paying not to put up with that big corporate bs.
But I don't want to be negative here or anything. Please feel free to shop at these places that very obviosly don't care about their customer base.
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Old 02-17-2008, 05:34 AM   #40
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After reading all these posts, I can only imagine what it would be like if everyone from here was at HD or Lowes at the same time. It would be one miserable place to be in much less work. I'm in one or the other store on a regular basis and I see it with my own eyes. People tend to be a little arrogant and start talking down to and belittling the employees because they must feel superior since they are more important than everyone else.

One poster mentioned how long it took to get something down with a lift.
The ailses are closed for the safety of all those in the area. A wrong turn or a child running underneath a load from a great height can be tragic. If it takes an hour then so be it, safety is always a first formost priority.

Employees at this stores are not all experts in their department and asking them for advice about something they don't know about isn't worth the crappy attitude and treatment they tend to get.

It's seems as though people, like some of the posters here , for whatever reasons if someone is not there holding their hand or giving them their undivided attention it's the store's fault. Why don't some of you try working at one for a week since you think you could do better. Those stores have a huge amount of inventory with huge responsibilities with employees who may be overworked and underpaid and having to deal with people who dump their crap on them for really no big reason.

The employee who is not satisfied withhis/ her pay, What skills do you have to offer? What kind of experience do you have to negotiate pay with? What level of education have you completed? All these things factor in what an employer is willing to pay an employee and if one doesn't get what they want at the table, they take the job anyway. Absenteeism and frequent tardiness along with poor production will always shoot down chances for a raise. Wondering why someone would stay if they don't like what they're getting paid.

People should lighten up a little and don't play like they are victims at these stores, it's not very attractive to watch people in, yelling and complaining because things don't go their way.

My favorite to watch is when those are asked for their reciepts at the exit when their items are checked over once again and marking the receipts before walking out.

Have a wonderful day.

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I'm right here with you fellas, but what sucks is our attitude alone will not change anything. If millions of people finally had their light bulb go off, just maybe it would make a difference.

HD or Lowes isn't going to suffer if a few people decide not to shop there. Thats what bothers me the most.
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Originally Posted by idoelectric View Post
Oldfrt, Who's qualified enough to say that anyone is qualified or unqualified? Wasn't planning on taking up for the employees but rather stand for them as people who deserves some respect regardless of qualifications.

IMO, people are already pissed off before they walk through the door and are determined to unload their bs on others.

Who's qualified enough to say that anyone is qualified or unqualified?

That's up to the employer and how they go about representing and educating each of their employees.

Maybe they should have different colored vests(for each employee) for each level of knowledge or responsibility so the buyers know who to approach for each individual need.

These Big Box stores advertise their own level of expectations in their ads,so maybe the HO's that are already pissed off,have a good reason because of past experiences where their expectations weren't met.
Whatever the reason,it's just an opinion,some people are just venting,nothing will change.

Your point seems to be that people shouldn't expect much from the employees,since they may or may not be qualified?
So don't blame them for only trying to make a living as a wanna be for a wanna be institution.
Just roll with the punches and maybe you'll leave in a reasonable amount of time with possibly the right product.

Sure ,that makes sense to me!??!
I don't mind spending my weekend going back and forth to the store to finally get what I really needed.

As a business,these Stores can make their best impressions on the buyer as they are doing business.That means hiring qualified people.
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Originally Posted by NothingsLevel View Post
Are you saying that the manager should be capable of doing absolutely every task in the store? Doesn't that sound a bit extreme?
Not extreme at all. In every retail business I've worked in, the manager knew how to do everything in the store, and if someone didn't show up for work for whatever reason, that manager could step in if needed. Maybe we can just chalk it up to the declining work ethic in this country, though.
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One for the walmart quality that things are going to. I recently bought a dryer vent for the side of the house. It has 3 plastic flaps that open when the dryer runs.

Well run the dryer, flaps open, plastic expands due to heat from dryer, flaps fall out!
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I often wonder if the management AND any of the employees working in either of the home offices actually shop in their companies' stores OR their competitors' stores. It seems highly unlikely since so many inefficiencies remain unaddressed.

Case in point #1, the Self-Checkout area and stations are not designed or set up to accomodate typical purchases being made in a home center. They're actually supermarket checkout stations being fudged over to make each store look state-of-the-art. More and more, the employee responsible for overseeing these stations becomes just another harried cashier.

Case in point #2, the lack of continuity in the places throughout the stores where themed merchandise is stocked. Take toilet repair parts. The fill and flush valves, along with flappers, bowl gaskets, tank handles, repair parts et al are displayed in the aisle with toilet bowls and toilet seats. Yet, the toilet supply lines are two aisles over interspresed with faucet supply lines, water shut-off valves and PVC/ABS drain components.

I spend a lot of time going up and down aisles to get related stuff when most of it should be grouped together.


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