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simon808 07-30-2005 01:57 PM

What exterior filler to use on windowsill?
hiya everyone,
i,m repairing an exterior window, the bottom of the sill was a bit rotten so i have cut it out exposing the good wood.

i,ve treated it with wood preserver and am now thinking of filling the worst part (a gap about 750mm x 50mm x 18mm) with expanding foam,then using a filler on the front flush with the outside of the sill to give it a smooth finish.

my question is; will exterior wood filler stick to expanding foam or should i use an alternative product. any suggestions would be greatly appreciate!

MgMopar 07-30-2005 09:11 PM

Hi Simon

I am not a carpenter or anything but I have found that the expanding sealers don't seem to do well when trying to put a finish coat on them. The seem to take on moister and expand and contract some depending on weather. My choices would be a fiberglass or epoxy autobody filler. I am posing this but I also am going to want to see what other options are. Their may be product much more suitable but I would think the expanding sealant is not one of them.

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