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Originally Posted by Ironlight View Post
I'm a little puzzled...you're using this for video production and testing it with a sophisticated software, yet you can't afford a gallon of decent paint? Get quart of decent paint and be done with it.
"I" didn't test it with thousand dollar software, other people did. I can hardly afford to pay attention. I'm on a very tight budget. The editing software I'm using is free. The camera is a cheap but HD record quality webcam (40 bucks) and that was a gift. It takes everything I make a month to pay my bills and have the necessities we need like food and electronic cigarettes. I'm actually a little better off now than when I smoked the regular cigs because electronic cigarettes are so much cheaper, but it would still take me several months to save up for a whole gallon of 64 dollar paint.

BTW folks, the e-cigs work. They give me the nicotine I need without all the harm of smoking burning tobacco, so if you smoke and cannot quit any other way, try em, they may save your life.


I can return the unused portion of Behr huh.. cool.. that will work. I can use that to go towards better paint, it would be a big help. Didn't know they would refund after half the can was used.


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Just hold your own with them and insist that they refund you under their Satisfaction guarantee or your money back guarantee. It works, I have used it several timesl.
Don't give in insist you get your money back under the satisfaction guarantee.

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old guy contractor
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Originally Posted by TGMcCallie View Post
I take things back to HD and Lowes all the time. That is why I shop there.
....so do I....!!!!!
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Originally Posted by oh'mike View Post
Paint is paint because of the solids left behind after the liquids dry----

Good paints run around 54% solids----Behr has a solids count in the high 20%s

The Chevy Cavilare is one of the biggest selling cars---they sell many more than BMW----this fact does not make the Chevy the better car.
They also stopped making them six years ago-- probably for a reason.
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What you are doing is called "chroma key" and if the video editing software is as sophisticated as you are saying, then any color can be used. It does NOT have to match anything else. The reason that weird shade of green is usually used is because there is very little in most scenes that is that color. When there is a lot of light green, blue chroma key is used. Over time, that paint is going to fade, and that will be another issue which is why paper or cloth is usually used in a smaller studio setting.

The editing software should have a calibrating tool for the green, infact it has to, or any difference in your lighting will render the color replacement useless. That green under different temperatures of light will be very different, so if the editing software can't adjust, then it assumes that everyone has identical lights at identical temperatures and identical intensity and no gells or lighting effects are being used.
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operagost (11-15-2011)
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Personally, I would prime it again, and buy another paint.

BTW, at a place like BM you do not have to buy the high end, most expensive paint in the place.

If you do proper prep work and application, their contractor grade paint is quite good for a typical repaint. The price is reasonable.

People have to remember that it is worth spending more money initially on paint, because a cheaper paint will take more time to cover, probably won't last as long, and I doubt will look as good.

I have used behr in the past, and while it has never "failed" on me, I find products from the traditional "paint stores" like SW and BM much easier to paint with, better coverage, and a much better finished product.

I will not paint anybody elses property with Behr paint, as I guarantee my work and cannot guarantee a quality result with behr paint, as I can with mid or high end range paint from BM.

just my 2 cents, from pesonal experience painting with it. You may want to try another coat with it, however I would try on a small area and see if it works, don't put a lot of money and time into it. If you spend money, buy a better product. That doesn't mean it will cost an arm and a leg.


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