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Rockford 07-24-2012 08:52 AM

What is a chase cover?
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Thought this information would be useful for all my fellow DIY'ers; don't forget about your chimney during these summer months... fall will be here soon! Happy DIY'ing :thumbsup:

What Is A Chase Cover?

It is a shield that covers the top of a chimney, or chase, to prevent rain, melting snow, and everything else from entering into the chimney chase.
We all know what happens when a roof has a hole in it or is not designed properly...You get a leak. In addition, your chase cover may already be leaking, causing thousands of dollars in damage that you may not be able to see until it is too late!

The standard skirting / flashing is 3" with a drip edge. The chase covers the entire top of your chimney. Used frequently to cover chimney chase surrounds, it fits over the top of the chimney like a shoe box cover fits the top of a shoe box.Chase covers come in any size, any shape, copper or stainless steel, multiple vents, the list goes on, it's all up to you.

Think twice before using galvanized they may be less expensive but these repairs are only temporary. Galvanized covers rust over a short period of time (another reason why you may need to replace your chimney cover). Once it starts to rust, it bleeds down onto the siding or brick of the chimney and leaves an unsightly stain. Rockford flue covers will last a lifetime. We custom make every chase cover you can imagine, from 16" x 16" all the way up to 100" x 100".

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