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Tonglebeak 04-11-2013 01:59 PM

Water softener shooting water out the back
Hi. I'm still new to water softeners and all, so here I go.

At about 5am, I woke up to hear my well pump running, and water leaking. I went down and realized it was the water softener. It was leaking out of the back, about 2/3s up the tank, in what I'm guessing is an overflow drain. I forgot to hook up the drain hose to that, so I did, but I also noticed the tank was full of water, something I've never seen before. I plugged the softener back in and hit the regeneration button, thinking I interrupted that cycle.

So today I found the tank was completely full. I read that a regeneration cycle is supposed to clear out the water, so after fiddling around with it, I realized that the water wasn't draining through the overflow, so I wiggled the elbow and water started to flow out and into the sump pump. I also took apart the screen to make sure it wasn't clogged, and it wasn't. Good. Then later on, the well pump comes on again, and I see water gushing out like a garden house, out of the back of the softener. I took the top off and saw there's yet another port, above the inlet valve, that was shooting water out. The display also said Backwash on it. The outlet has a barbed end on it, so I'm guessing that this is also a drain outlet? Would that sound right? Today has been the first time in the month I've had the softener, that water ever came out of it. I'm waiting for the cycle to finish, before I see if the tank still has water in it or not. Maybe I'm just dumb and paranoid, who knows.

Thanks. It's the

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