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Water in Floor Vents

I am new to the forum but had a question for anyone who might know. I have a house that has floor vents for the air conditioning system. I recently noticed that water seems to have collected in two of the vents near the back of the house. The backyard does slope down some and we have been getting tons of rain in Oklahoma recently. I was wondering if people thought this was just an issue of the ground being so soaked the water is just working its way up or is this potentially a different issue? I am aware of the mold issue and plan to get the vents taken care of by using a shop vac but don't know how to get any other excess water that may be in the other lines. Please help if you can or point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.


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The water wont travel up.

Its from one of several sources
1 - The rain, leaking in and down into the vents
2 - Plumbing leak, leaking down and into the vents
3 - someone spilled something and is not owning up to it
4 - Condensation, condensation forms when you have a cold AC vent, that is uninsulated, in contact with moist humid air (Think cold beer on a hot day, moisture on outside of bottle/can)

If you were running your AC I would suspect #4. if not running your system then I suspect #1.


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Sounds like another reason to dislike slab houses. Yea, if the ground is saturated from over abundance of rain that could be your problem. It may be possible to prevent it in the future with regrading the back yard
and french drains to redirect the water around the house if topography allows. Then again OK isn't noted for their high rain fallit maybe a once in thirty or fifty year event.

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thanks for all of the suggestions. I had a professional come over to look at it and he said that due to the ground being so saturated that the water if finding any place to go including through pipes that may have small cracks here or there. he told me that the level of water was not dangerous and had since receded down. I soaked up the rest of the water and used an antibacterial spray to hopefully kill any mold that may have grown.
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