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water damage from Ice Dam

So I had an ice dam on my roof and the water started leaking back into the house (down a wall and under the baseboard). There isn't anything visable on the wall (yet), but my carpet is pretty wet and pad is pretty much soaked, it also borders a hardwood floor area so not sure about any damage under that. Though I have a wood subfloor and I can't see anything in the basement. I'd say 3 by 8 ft (exterior wall)area impacted.

Is this something worth turning into my homeowners or do I just need to pull the carpet back and let it dry? I think I've stopped the leak on the roof, but not 100% sure. A friend recommended not filing any type of water damage as that could get me blacklisted or major rate increase. I'm trying to decide how major a problem this is. Any one have any experience with this?


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I would get several roofing contractors to come out & take a look at it. Most of them give free estimates. By doing this you can make an informed decision.


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Well I wouldn't wait for signs to show in walls and wood floor that is for sure. I would definitely get that carpet up and drying out. They do sell moisture meters at your local Lowes and Home depot that can detect moisture in wood and gypsum. I live in an Adobe house so this is norm for me. There are companies out there that specialize in water damage and getting that roof fixed is a must. If you get the roofers out there and a water damage pro for estimates you will know better what the damage is. Your damage doesn't seem horrible so your insurance company most likely is not going to black list you. If you are real worried about it then pay for it yourself.
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I'd first look at ways to reduce the ice dam to stop the water intrusion. Then pull back carpet and expose any area that has dampness and get it dried out.

If you have a deductable you may want to consider not calling the insurance company. Your call.

If you can stop the water from running back in and get it dry quickly then it will limit the damage done. Run a dehumidifier if you have one. It will pull moisture and help things dry out.

Just my 2
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You need to open all the walls effected by this. The insulation needs to get pulled and the areas need to be completely dried before mold starts to grow behind the walls. The carpet needs to be pulled back as well as the padding. You can rent special rug drying fans to expedite the process.
Whether you report it to the insurance company is up to you, but the "doom and gloom" scenario your friend has described is a bit absurd.
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Get your insurance company involved ASAP. Believe me they want as little damage as possible and will do what is necessary to minimize it. None of the insurers want mold to start growing in walls when it can be associated with a covered loss.



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