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Water in the basement has the pros stumped...

Hi All- Appreciate any ideas...We've now twice come downstairs to a pool of water around our furnace. First time was summer and we had turned on A/C after buying the house.

HVAC guy fixed drain line and made sure no blockages etc problem appears solved. Fast forward 6 months and it has been the coldest winter on record here in Wausau, WI with substantial snow fall.

Came downstairs last night and found another pool on the floor around the furnace after the first warm day this year (50 degrees) resulted in substantial snow melt. Not a drop in the sump pit, checked the roof for any soft spots and nothing, climbed through the crawl space and nothing, no drywall stains, and all four walls of the basement are dry.

Furnace exhaust pipe outside is clear and made sure that it was clear of snow through the season. Opened up the furnace door and its dry on the inside with a little dust (i.e. no evidence of water) and given how cold its been this winter we would have had drain hose problems before now.

Furnace drain hose is connected and water is running to floor drain. Furnace drain hose runs to a 2" floor drain and we're a city sewer neighborhood so I believe this is where it goes. Only thing left that I can think of is that the floor drain backed up due to a deluge of water from the rapid snow melt in the area into the sewer but water on the floor was very clean/clear so I question that it's sewer water.

I'm out of ideas and talked to a Mr. Fix it and also a pro-HVAC guy and neither one had any ideas. Help-pulling up the floor isn't fun!


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You might have a hole or old drain hiding under the furnace----

Could be a lot of things----get a flash light and play detective----


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Is there a toilet above the furnace?
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I would lean towards overflowing drain. It doesn't have to be a sewer line city maybe there is a seperate storm drain.
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Bill Kearney
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Oh the joys of figuring out basement drainage.

Your domestic waste water goes into a sewer (or septic system). Rain water, however, does not typically go into the same system. That typically goes into a 'storm water' system. Now, in some areas the storm water system may be designed to also go into the sewer, but typically only during overflow situations.

Then there's local code requirements (which may have changed over time). In some places they may have never allowed anything other than DW into the sewer, requiring anything else like sump pits and rain gutters to be routed elsewhere. There's just as much variation on what comprises a basement floor drain and where it should flow.

The only real way to determine what's happen with that drain is to start by finding out where it goes. Because that will make a great deal of difference on how to deal with it if it's there's water backing up through it. Call a plumber and have them use their video camera snake to get a clear idea of where that drain is going. It's entirely possible that where/how it's draining has recently been affected and needs repair.
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There should be lots of melting in the next week/s. Clean up the water nicely and check intermittently for any signs of new entry. Could even be coming up through the floor.
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Bill Kearney
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You may also want to set up a water alarm so if you're around you can hear it as it starts happening. There's some called "Leak Frogs" that are inexpensive and work reasonably well.

I've got a couple of them scattered around the house, typically underneath bath vanities, as 'just in case' ways to keep tabs on all the new plumbing.

That and some powder, paper towels or sand spread around might also give some indicators of flow.
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A garden hose is an excellent tool in finding water leaks. ( I know, your garden hose is still in the garage, but you will be able to break it out shortly,..... I hope,..... this winter has to end sooner or later.) If you suspect water coming in from around the plumbing vent stack --- stick the hose on the roof spraying onto the stack for half an hour. If you suspect the furnace PVC exhaust --- spray the hose at the exhaust for half an hour. Suspect its coming in from the wall beside the furnace -- spray the hose at that wall for half an hour. The other thing to keep in mind is the slope of the basement floor --- I once had a leak, and tried for a long, long time to find it --- turned out the entrance was 20 feet from where I expected it --- slope of the floor always put the water in the one spot, but it was 20 feet from where the water was getting in.
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I purchased a cheap surveillance camera for a similar problem. Set it up and see what happens!


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