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sanders999 08-15-2004 06:46 AM

UPVC windows misting on inside
Hi I have a three questions which hopefully someone should be able to help with,

I have UPVC double glazing windows in my house and the ones at the back of the house all seem to be misting up from in-between the panes of glass

I was wondering waht the possible causes of thios could be?

Also how easy is this to fix?

and my last question how do I fix this with out calling someone out?

MgMopar 08-15-2004 12:05 PM

The mist in between the glass is caused by moisture getting in the window. This indicates the seal on the outer edge has been compromised ether due to deterioration or physically damaged ether case I believe the windows have a vacuum or dry gas in-between the panes before the seal is completed. So to answer you second question I don't believe that you can correct this problem your self. I have brought panes of glass and windows to my local hardware store in the past and they were able to send them out and get them redone. So the diy part would be the removal of the glass to send out and get redone. I would suggest calling around before removal though to make sure you have known time frame that you will be without you glass, also maybe only do one at first to help discover any surprises that you might run into in your situation.

lec876 08-26-2004 11:32 AM

Your double glazing is made with sealed unit. Basically two panes of glass separated by a spacer and sealed with an inert gas or dry air inside. They are then fitted as a single item.

If you have mist inside then the units have "popped". Basically the seal has been breached.

You can take the units out and store them in a warm place to clear them but it will only be temporary and the problem will recur.

To take the units out will depend on how the window is constructed. If the removeable beading is on the inside it is normally possible to lever out the beading and simply lift the units out.

If the beading is on the outside there is normally some clip/ security device to stop the unit coming out.

Your local glass shop will probably be able to make or have made new sealed units cheaper than a double glazing set up.

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