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tmcb 11-04-2012 09:36 AM

unused fireplace
I have a fireplace that had been covered over for years. on removing the cover there is just a hole. the walls are not lined with anything and I know I have to have it swept if I wish to start using it again,but I am unsure what else is a must!! can I just put a fire basket into the gap to use coal or logs? or must it have something else?

joecaption 11-04-2012 09:41 AM

Not sure without a picture we would know what your talking about.
Always best to hire a real chimmney sweep to come clean it and check for problums. Far cheaper then having your house burn down.

oh'mike 11-04-2012 09:42 AM

You may have a gas flue for an old gas insert----best to have a pro look at that before even thinking about starting any sort of fire.

A few photos will help----

creeper 11-04-2012 10:01 AM

If you are from my province your insurance company will require a WETT certificate. (wood transfer technology transfer) for any wood burning fireplace.

joed 11-04-2012 08:10 PM

A link to WETT(Wood Energy Technology Transfer).

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