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Transporting Paint

Just in case your transporting a lot of paint in your own might want to think twice about how you secure it.

The story....


Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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He's lucky one of the paint buckets didn't come front and take his head through the windshield. I once saw a painting contractor finish putting yellow traffic markings on new concrete in front of a brand new building. When he finished, he drove away and forgot to latch the back door of his van. Guess where the half empty bucket of traffic paint went. On top of that, he didn't drive straight out. He made a huge sweeping turn. It wasn't a pretty sight. It was kind of a cross between a crescent moon and the biggest yellow smiley face you've ever seen, but nobody was smiling. The building owner used words that even I'd never heard before.


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was alone with his dog on SR-302 southwest of Belfair when he somehow lost control of his SUV and went off the road just after 3 p.m.
Let's examine this case to figure this one out

3PM... ok, unlikely to have nodded off
Transporting the paint, unlikely to have been drunk

Other facts:

Driver covered in paint
Dog covered in paint

Driver + dog both covered in paint = both were in the same compartment in the vehicle.
Likely scenario:

Paint in the back seating area, driver and dog in the front seat, dog sees a deer/bird/dragon/flying spaghetti monster out through the driver's side window, dog barks and attempts to get at the seen entity- landing in the driver's lap via way of shoving driver's right arm sharply leftward. Driver's sudden arm movement shoves the steering wheel to the right swerving the vehicle to the right, driver makes an overcorrection to the left and then realizing he is going off the road frantically tries sterring back on and winds up off the road on the shoulder parallel with the road and at a tilt.

Paint upset by the swerving and bouncing careens forward ejecting their contents all over the occupants and interior of the truck.

Lesson to be learned: don't let your dog ride shotgun unrestrained in the front seat while you are driving.
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I like the dog's pose in the 2nd shot- like he's saying-- "You idiot, what were you thinking!!"

Hey- that's Big Foot country isn't it? That would explain it all....
When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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.......or Fido was sitting in the driver's lap when the deer came into view.
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