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mteach 12-12-2007 06:49 PM

Toro SnowBlower 521 metallic sound

I went to the Toro site trying to access their parts booklets. However despite copying the model number and serial number from the sticker on the snowblower, I have been unable to find the model number. The model is listed as 38052 and the serial number 6906958. Does anyone know what the model number would be on their web site.

Where can I see the engine number or figure out who the manufacturer of the engine is?

I don't know why the snowblower will not work properly. I know it isn't the engine because that starts easily. But, even when the motor is not working and I tip the snowblower back to push it on the rear wheels from the shed to the garage, there is a moderately loud distinct metallic sound. It sounds like the same sound repeating itself. Like a piece of metal is hitting another piece of metal. When I tipped the snow blower over, I found that as I look at the bottom, the auger/blade on the left moves freely. The one on the right does not move at all. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help available.

redline 12-13-2007 12:27 PM

Most snow blowers have a shear pin that is sacrificed if the augers hit something. You may need to replace the shear pin.

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