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UpComingBuilder 12-12-2008 12:20 PM

Tools for Residential Building
Good question for the Residential builders on the forum,

What tools do you have(power tools) that you use for residential building?

Mitor saws, Drills, Circular saws, table saws etc..

And what brand is best? Just wondering because I'm probably getting money for x-mas and I'm going to invest in some power tools.

Different Mitor saws- what do you cut with them.(trim pieces,2x4's,etc)
Drills- which for doing sheetrock, and other projects.
Circular saw- best you ever used.
Table saws- One that is portable and can fit into a box truck.

Bondo 12-12-2008 05:41 PM


While I'm not a residential builder,...
Being a pretty Handy kinda guy that's always building Something,...
I've found that My tool collection always grows as the new projects come up....

When you find a Need for a tool,... That's the time to Buy it...

I will have to admit, that my 18v Milwaukee drill is my Righthand tool,...

AtlanticWBConst. 12-12-2008 06:32 PM

Residential Building encompasses many different trades, and levels of trades, as well as different kinds of work. Each phase requires different tools.
Here's some examples:

Framing: You'll find some of these tools;
Quality Skill saws
Quality Worm drive saws
air hoses
Auxilary Air tank
Framing Nail guns
Siding Nail guns
Heavy gauge staple guns (Pneumatic)
Reciprocating saws (Especially on remodels and additions)
Roofing Nail guns
(Rarely a table saw)
Sledge hammers
Framing squares
2' levels
4' levels
6' levels
Additional levels (i.e.-bubble level to check the foundation)
Sometimes: Impact drivers
Good saw horses
Framing hammers
small Pry bars
Large pry bars
nail removal tools
Hammer staplers
String lines
Chalk lines
utility knives
carpenter pencils
Large and small speed squares
Tin snips, or aviation snips
gun oil, gun oil with anti-freeze
Heavy gauge electric chords
Standard gauge chords
multiple outlet/surge suppressor sets
Pump jacks
Aluminum picks (Planks)
Ladders (all kinds; 2' steps, 4'-steps, 6'-steps, 8'-steps, 24' extensions, 40' extensions, etc.)
Ladder jacks
Roof jacks
Wall jacks
Pipe staging
Baker staging
Safety harnesses
Transit with transit tri-pod and measuring stick
Laser markers
Heavy equipment: Lull, trailers, dump trailer, trucks to haul the trailers & all the tools, etc...
toiler paper (A must)
other tools

screw guns
Taping machines: Banjos, auto taping tools, bazookas, etc
12" taping kives, or trowels, 6" knives, knive's of all sizes
mud trowel, or hawk
Heavy Duty Electric drill for mixing
Screw drivers
other tools
aviation snips
Drywall hammers
chalk lines
Utility knives
Key-hole saws

Finished Carpentry:
15g angled finish nail guns
Air hoses
16g finish nail gun
18g brad nail gun
18g staple gun
Pin nailer (nail gun)
Quality Table saw with good folding saw stand
routers/router table
manual planers
electric sanders
adjustable bevels
cordless drills
electric planers
Compound miter saw with Folding saw stand
Roller stands
Light duty saw horses
shop vacs
jig saws
various drill bits
Quality chisels
Work table
Good Carpenter's glue
Paddle drill bits
Forsner drill bits
Door mortising kit
Door knob cutting kit
Framing squares
Electric biscuit joiner
undercut saws
Other tools

Etc, etc, etc
These are just some of the tools for the phases mentioned. Each is specific for the work to be performed. Each phase requires specific tools.

Additionally, there are tools that you need for non-standard work. Example: We keep a demolition hammer in our Framing & General carpentry trailer. We sometimes need it for breaking up concrete, or taking up tile. We also keep a heavy duty rotary hammer for drilling into concrete. We have hammer drills, Dremels, cordless drills, electric staplers, caulking guns, 12' thru 16' step ladders, tons of electrical chords, etc, etc.

So, to sum it up, there are standard tools for specific phases of a build (from ground breaking all the way to paint), and there are job specific tools that are also occassionally needed, based on the particular scope of work called for in the designs/plans/contract.

DangerMouse 12-12-2008 06:41 PM

well, lemme see... DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, and possibly DeWalt.


UpComingBuilder 12-12-2008 06:48 PM

:thumbup: WoW, thats exactly what I was looking for.. Atlantic, whenever I post a new thread or whatever you call it I definatley want you to post lol. You know your stuff. I went to Lowe's the other day to look around, They probably only have half of these tools. You must of came up with that whole list out of your head, I hope one day I could have the knowledge you have with this trade. Thank you very much for the list!! Definatley take me years for that. I use to work for a guy doing remodeling, I don't even think he had all of that.

Website should be paying you!! haha

UpComingBuilder 12-12-2008 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by DangerMouse (Post 197285)
well, lemme see... DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, DeWalt, and possibly DeWalt.


Figured someone would tell me DeWalt, more expensive than other brands, but the more you pay the better quality and it'll last longer right..

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