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You have to not only adjust the chain, but move it to a hole that still allows it to lay against the mouth. If the chain is not long enough, you can get a new one at your local Ace Hardware.


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I'm confused. My current chain is long enough because I have the clip hooked up several links down from the end. At one position, the flush power could be better, and at the next shortest position the chain is made too short to lay the flapper against the mouth. I don't think a new chain would make a difference, right?
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You just need to adjust the chain in either a different hole, and adjust the length to get a better flush. I always use the second to the end hole on a lever, and adjust the chain to have it just to where it is taught, but enough that the flapper is still laying closed.
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Whether it is a toilet, wiring or anything else, I have found the best approach is to take a good closeup photo (for toilets, a down shot of the guts of the tank as it is and maybe a shot of the bottom of the lid or whatever gives some information). I print it out on an 8x10 page and take it shopping with me. I find it convenient since I can crank out a good cropped photo on plain paper that tells the story.

Because you have something real to look at, you get great service and attention (even at HD!). It makes everything easier and a good material supplier will help anyone with a good idea of the situation. - They may even want to keep the picture for future reference.

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Originally Posted by diyrocks View Post
Wow. I got one stated to work with American Standard at Home Depot and it's angled too far the other way. It hits the floater when flushed. I could have gotten the American Standard plastic one or a universal metal one and I made the wrong choice. I guess I'll just get a metal one and bend it as necessary.
Take the old one if you still have it. Their are a few different one's. I used to work at HD and you have bought the wrong one. Frount mount side mount andle mount ?? The metal one is better for not breaking But you have to get the right one to start with. Take a picture of the tank. Than we can tell which kind you need . Or go to a box store with the old one or a picture and they shoud get you the right one. Oh by the way you should not have to bend the metal one eather.
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Re: Toilet flush lever problem

This problem is maddening: My "stylish" modern toilet in question has lever mounted at 45 degrees to length of the tank. So the lever tends to hit the top of the tank at an angle, which makes it more likely to jam. I am looking at a few hundred in extra water bills due to this, although our local water company has credited me in the past for fixed leaks.

Its "original" lever, made of cheap plastic, of course broke off after a few years. So I found an old one made of metal and stuck it in.

If the lever was parallel to the tank, this would not be a problem.

And I always try to adjust flapper chain length so that the lever is stopped by the top of the tank rather than by pulling on the flapper. Otherwise, over time, the chain will break off the flapper or the pull the flapper right off the seat.

Anyway, I bent the metal as best I could to keep it from jamming.

But I think I'll next try a Danco Hydrostop Flapper Alternative - which is $10 at Home Depot.

Flappers are always driving me crazy.

I really like the flapperless toilets which have a lot fewer moving parts. The Niagra ones that they used to sell at Home Depot were pretty good, but, again, as with all modern junk, the plastic engineering was not very robust. The only significant issue so far was the plastic flush handle falling off, but a bit of glue from a hot melt glue gun fixes it OK.


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