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CplDevilDog 05-30-2012 06:18 AM

Time Capsule suggestions?
I'm looking for suggestions for my Time Capsule.

I'm about a week away from pouring the slab for my Koi Pond out back and I'm planning to bury a plastic, metal or ceramic container under the slab or behind the back block wall. Hopefully no one will see it again for at least five or six years :laughing:

I got the idea after I watched an episode of Extreme Engineering where they were replacing the antenna on top of one of the skyscrapers in St. Louis or some other city. The owner's grandchildren put pennies with the current year under the mounting plates figuring they won't be seen again for 60-100 years.

The only item I know for sure right now is a current unopened Matchbox car . Those things go on eBay for ridiculous amounts.

Front page of a newspaper too.

bbo 05-30-2012 06:38 AM

whatever you put in there, use a dessicant to keep it dry in the sealed container.

I'd probably opt for a variety of coins, US/Canadian/Euro, whatever you have laying around. seperate them to avoid any corrosion.

i'd use a plastic or ceramic container myself. probably plastic rubbermaid to allow it to seal easily.

also write a personal note about your life. thats something I would find neat to uncover from a hundred years ago.

biggles 05-30-2012 07:02 AM

2.5G one might be tight if it can hold chemicals...then seal the cap on top with leak lock

CplDevilDog 05-30-2012 08:34 AM

Was thinking of using one of those 2 gallon plastic barrels that pretzels from Costco come in.

Like the desiccant idea :thumbsup:

I've done some smaller capsules before. Pack of Baseball cards under a tub install, Steelers Super Bowl Victory issue of SI (Go Stilllers!)

diysos 05-30-2012 09:10 AM

Why not bury a few and leave clues in each that lead to the next one?

creeper 05-30-2012 02:42 PM

old cell phone

Fix'n it 05-30-2012 09:27 PM

i think pics and writen history of the property and family would be the coolest to dig up. i am looking for such in my new to me old house, i doubt i will find any . though i did find a 20ish year old film camera, but idk if it even has any film in it.

md2lgyk 05-31-2012 10:04 AM

Jimmy Hoffa.

silversport 05-31-2012 11:50 AM

I would include an issue of Popular Mechanics, a book of first class stamps, some pictures of the property and surrounding neighborhood, a USB key with a handful of popular songs on it (not that it would be accessible when found), some current LEGOs, a package of breath mints, a mini RC helicopter, and my iPhone (it’s a 3Gs, need a new one anyway).

Maintenance 6 05-31-2012 03:05 PM

You have to be careful with plastic containers. Plastics are petroleum based and will leach chemicals that can eventually destroy the contents. Separate items in acid free envelopes. A glass container would be a better option.

CplDevilDog 06-03-2012 07:33 AM

I'm thinking I'll go with one of those ceramic (stoneware?) coffee canisters with the snap down lid. Then I'll stick the whole thing in my plastic pretzel barrel for back-up.

Since this is my first block and concrete project, it only has to last a few years :whistling2:

speedtree 06-06-2012 05:43 PM

Those first class stamps are forever now. :no: I like the idea though.

kwikfishron 06-06-2012 06:27 PM

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When I was in the eighth grade my school turned 50 and unearthed a time capsule that was placed when the school was built.

The capsule itself was a soldered copper box. The only item that stands out in my memory was a copy of the local newspaper (which was in good condition), the front page read “Lindbergh lands in Paris”.

I was on the “eighth grade committee” to collect items for the new capsule to be opened on the schools 100 anniversary. My contribution was making a cassette tape of the music we were listening to at the time. My recording was of a few local radio stations, I called these stations and told them what I was doing and each of them gave us a plug along with the music which was recorded and is now in the capsule.

If I’m still kicking in 2027 I plan to go back to my old grade school to be there when they open the new capsule I helped to fill, or at least let them know there is one and where it is.

Fix'n it 06-06-2012 07:53 PM

i found 1 page of the chicago sun times, 1955, yesterday. kinda cool

ComputerMagic 06-07-2012 09:29 PM

i'd use a pvc pipe, cut to length. glue a cap on 1 side, add your contents, then the dessicant, then glue on the other cap. on the side use a dremel and write time capsule on it.

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