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Is there any real home/cheap remedies to fix CD's?

I keep finding BS on the internet. If there's no decent home remedies to fix scratched CD's, can anyone recommend a good CD repair device?


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Try toothpaste.


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Ask There are plenty of ideas there.
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I usually just burn a copy. The computer takes forever to get data off a scratched CD, but it usually turns out flawless on the new one.

Or you can bring it to a video game place, they usually have that fancy machine that slices a thin layer off the disc while spraying water on it. Remember, the tin foil where the data is stored w/ the groves cut in it is actually closer to the opposite side of the disc as the one the laser hits so there's a little bit to take from.
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They sell polishers for $20-40 or so that work to a point if surface scratches are the issue. A record store or online source will be your best bet. Denatured, not isopropyl (has lanolin in it), alcohol and a soft cloth can get surface finger prints, and stuff off.

Some video rental places have commercial disc/cleaner polishers and even offer disc cleaning as a service.

There is probably a data restoration company or two listed in your phone book or you can find them online. Some of them really can do an amazing job of rescuing discs or even pieces of them but for a cost.

CDs were supposed to last a lifetime but it is not working out that way and some don't even last as long as old magnetic media. The plastics are failing and the metals corroding. Recordable CDs are the worst as the dyes the laser colors into zeros and ones are proving to not hold up well. Recordable DVD blanks are even worse. Commercial albums and movies with the 0's and 1's are hanging in there but again, the plastics and metals are failing.

As suggested, a good copy program should keep patiently trying to read data and eventually come up with something that can be burned to a new CD. With a polisher and smudges cleaned it MIGHT work to get you a working copy.

Make sure your laser lens is clean before attempting a restoration. If it is too dirty to read things you cannot hope for much.

Sorry not seem somewhat pessimistic. You may not be able to recover discs. A kid in my past life rendered gaming discs non-recoverable.
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If you have a bench grinder with a buffing wheel they work well. Just use an easy touch and don't let it burn


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