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Does anyone know what the normal price for a professional taper, per board? I have two rooms being done and I got a quote that really didnt sound right. There are about 20 boards total for this project and I got a price quote of $1000 to do the job. The drywall is already hung it just needs to be taped and spackled. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Regardless of the industry standard pricing, these are factors that can affect a price quote to a home owner:

1.) Region (Pricing varies by region)
2.) Competition, or lack of...
3.) Demand (for the specific trade)
4.) Who put the sheetrock up and how it was put up (Poorly installed by a DIY - can create more work and more labor = more costs to tape and coat, because the seams were placed in the wrong locations, etc)
5.) Overhead: Registered and fully insured contractor vs. people that do it on the side with no insurance, no garauntees (sp), no warranties
6.) Busy or not busy (falls under demand: If a contractor is busy and booked-up, their prices will be higher, .....if they are slow and looking for work, their prices will be lower)

You don't state the sheetrock board sizes, nor the type of area (Alot of soffits, corner bead, etc...). If you insist on a spot clean environment - that raises the costs. If you need it done right away, that raises the costs. If you come across as a possible "tyrant", or a "control-freak", or a ''perfectionist'', that raises the costs.... I could go on, and on...

Conclusion, there are MANY, MANY factors that affect pricing. It isn't simply something that can be gauged by the amount of sheets installed.

(FWIW: We will specify in our contracts that if someone else installed the sheetrock, then we will not be able to warranty the finish (we don't know if it was installed onto proper framing, if the seams were placed properly (they usually aren't when done by rookies), etc. (You cannot tell by looking at the sheets if they were installed right - there may be screws visible, but, we don't know if they are attached to ''anything'')...


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Unfortunately, there's no way to tell if that's a reasonable price for the project from here

As Atlantic mentioned, there's simply too many variables to even try

Any attempt to do so would be a guess
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