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glsblwr 09-04-2006 08:58 PM

sunroom/porch insulation
Hi, I'm new here.
I'm currently renovating an enclosed porch/sunroom on an older home I purchased in December. Best guess, maybe circa 1930. My primary goals are to insulate (reduce hating costs) and convert it into a main entry hall. To date, this potentially lovely room on the front of the house has been used for storage.

The room, 11x8', is set on a stone foundation, separate from that of the house proper. It's only about 12" high and not completely enclosed. The rear wall (if there is one) abuts the house foundation. At the front, there is a 6' wide cement landing which has shifted away leaving about 1" gap along the top edge of the landing. The side edges of the landing are still overlapped by the stone walls. There are also a couple of places on the side walls where mortar has fallen away and will need repair.

How can I best DIY insulate this area. Money is a factor; I've got none :)

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

inspects 09-04-2006 10:17 PM

If there is no potential for moisture intrusion I would use fiberglass batts or styrofoam sheet insulation.

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