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kc27 10-24-2009 06:42 AM

Storm Door Selection/Brand Advice Wanted
I need three new storm doors. One on the front entrance of my home, the other two on a mudroom on the side.

Menards. a regional building supply retailer, includes doors by AJ Manufacturing among their storm door offerings. I'm considering buying them for the mud room. Does anyone have any experience with this brand? More info is at their website

I am interested in this brand because of the foam core. Once or twice a year, if we get consecutive days of rain, I will get a small pool of standing water outside the mud room. The wood core of the last door must have gotten exposed to the water and expanded, destroying the door. I'm thinking the door has a better chance of surviving the occasional exposure to water.

The other storm door I need to replace on the front of the house is a southern exposure. The entry door on the house is a wood door finished in polyurethane. I cannot remember the brand of door I purchased (and I foolishily did not keep the documentation), but after 6 years the door started to fail. It's at the 8 year mark and has to go. Photos below

Is there a certain type of door that needs to go on a southern exposure? I had UV blocking film put on the windows of this door to help protect the wood door behind it from the sun, but obviously something else was at play here for the door to disinegrate like this.

Advise on choosing a longer lasting storm door for the front of the house would be appreciated, too.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

creamaster 10-24-2009 02:35 PM

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We went with ProVia 2 years ago and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It is an alluminum storm door that has interchangeable screen and storm window for the top section. It seals very well and has stood up to the banging from a 1 year old. It was my first storm door install along with the entry door and it went very smoothly with the supplied instructions and templates. Having it almost 3/4 open is a great way for us to let sunlight in and on a day like today where the temp is in the low 60's it doesnt really cool the house too much but we can enjoy the sunlight when the sun manages to poke its head out :) Also the deadbolt lock was a great option as I can lock it but leave my entry door open without fear or someone just walking into the home and it also keeps my son safely locked indoors.

4just1don 10-24-2009 04:22 PM

for me---any door I can find on Craigs list for 10-25 bucks. I will NEVER own a brand new store bought one again,,,when there is a steady supply at a steady good price. I might be coaxed into a 50 buck door if it was a special good door,brand or so near new as to be that. Can even find brand new ones,never installed there too for cheap!!

kc27 10-25-2009 08:17 AM

Do I need custom size doors for the mudroom?

The opening where I removed one of the screen doors is 351/2" wide X 781/2" high

All the stock, "off-the-shelf" doors are made for door openings of 80" to 81" in height.

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