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I just put up the Rainer shed from Lowes for a customer this last weekend =p_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_qty_sales_ dollar|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_Wood%2BStorage%2BBu ildings_4294778082_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_pr d_lis_ord_nbr%7C0%7C%7Cp_product_qty_sales_dollar% 7C1&facetInfo=.

I put it up and roofed it in 1 day with one person helping. It was easy and all parts fit together like they were suppose to and it came with all hardware including nails (if you want to hand nail). Floor was 2x4 treated and walls were 2x3 at 24"oc with the outside trim acting as a stud so no corners.
If you are not much of a carpenter this could be a nice shed.


"Yeah, it's a nice garage, but you have to keep it heated at all times so it doesn't mess up your roof line."
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I would definitely go the route of building it your self from plans...The beauty of plans is that you can alter as needed (adding loft storage or an extra window, etc that the kit or prefab may not offer... I might be able to point you in the right direction here....
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Nice looking sheds everyone! I feel "under the gun", here in New Hampshire USA. We just moved in, with no shed - everything is either in my basement or out in the backyard haphazardly stacked up! And we just had this freak snowstorm that gave us a foot of snow.
Like some are saying, I am pretty sure I could put one up quickly for less than the cost of buying it done. My Dad is making the offer to buy me one already done, so it's tempting!! (Though I am more tempted to use his "gift" to put up a deck near my "door to nowhere" (12 feet off the ground, nothing there. USED to be a deck at some point).

Some of these sheds look better than some houses! NICE WORK PEOPLE!!
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Let him buy the shed that way you can work on your deck plan while the snow is melting.
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Originally Posted by josall View Post
Let him buy the shed that way you can work on your deck plan while the snow is melting.
I second that motion. And I seriously doubt if the Amish shed I got and showed earlier in this thread would have been any less expensive if I had built it myself. I say that based on the fact that I had designed and built my own shed on a previously owned property about 30 years ago and was going to do it again until I priced the needed materials last year. Those costs had gone up so much I didn't see the point of doing all of the construction myself when the Amish could deliver a completely fabricated one to my house for less than what HD or Lowes would charge me for the materials. Of course, they have shed kits that are less expensive, but the studs and rafters are 2x3 on 2' center instead of 2x4 on 16" center, and their doors are flimsy. Also, the bargain HD & Lowes sheds I looked at didn't have windows and the walls, roof and floor were press-board rather than plywood as mine is. My shed cost may be a little less than what dougp23 will encounter since I live in NJ which is close to PA, but I saw this ad when I did a Google for Amish sheds in New Hampshire.

They claim they service NH and the one displayed at that web site looks similar to mine, except I asked for and got a garage door.

Well, good luck to you.

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Originally Posted by Jack Olsen View Post
I guess it depends on your needs and your comfort level with building. A pre-fab shed will travel with you to your next house more easily than a home-made one.

I had kind of an unusual space to put extra storage along my house (and on top of the wider part of my driveway), so building my own was pretty much the only way to go.

Jack, amazing! How deep is that shed? 4 feet? I'm looking to do a similarly shallow shed (I'd like to make it six feet deep, compared to the general minimum depth I've seen of 8 feet).

I'd never try to take on the cool roof you did. It looks great. But, I do want to have the front of the roof give a little overhang that creates a little workspace in front of the shed where I can set up a saw-horse.

Does anybody know of a place to browse for plans? To find plans for my very specific needs, I need a big database...
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My wife and I are just finishing up three years of building our log home almost entirely by ourselves. We subbed the foundation, HVAC, metal roof, and that's all. So we could certainly build a storage shed (which we actually need), but we are of retirement age and the thought of doing any more construction is not all that appealing. I think we'll go Amish.


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