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storage question

Hi guys,

I'm hoping you can help me with something. Everytime we move into a new apt/house, I seem to lose a little more storage room. I've accumulated lots of blankets, sheets, and other assortments of bedding. I didn't realize how much until I moved recently and I now have two Large U-haul boxes full of just extra bedding. That doesn't even count what we use every day.

So on to my question...can anyone help me figure out a way to store these? The only things I can come up with are cardboard boxes (which we have a damp basement and I worry everything will get ruined); space saver bags (which I have had no luck with, they just break their seal and leak air into the bag after awhile); and large tupperware boxes (which I think would get very pricey to hold everything I have. I checked an a large box is about $40 and I would probably need 4-5 of them).

Thanks in advance


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Time to thin out your stock. Select the items you rarely or never use and give them to Goodwill or similar.


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What Bill said.

Our house is a low slope, no attic style. The wife said we need an attic for storage, I told her we need less stuff.

I have seen those plastic tubs on sale at Homers, Lowes, Walmart, etc for cheap lately. $5 for a tub large enough to hold 2 king size comforters.
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Ayuh,... Time for a Yard Sale...
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Time to thin out your stock. Select the items you rarely or never use and give them to Goodwill or similar.
I agree. You'll feel better getting rid of some stuff. That's the best thing about moving is thinning out the things you don't use anymore.

Having said that, my aunt has a small cottage with no storage space to speak of. She keeps a Rubbermaid-type container under all of the beds to keep a set of clean sheets/pillow cases and an extra quilt in. It's about the size they sell for keeping a lot of wrapping paper in, it's long and only high enough to fit under the bed. They're not cheap either, but it's a good use of the space, and that way you only keep what you need.
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The rubbermaid tubs are great and if you watch for a sale you can find them for around 3 dollars a piece(i forget the size, think 21 gallons, but they are about 20" tall and 24" long and about 17" wide). I have probably 50 of them and use them for all sorts of things like storage, tools, even for putting garbage in when i'm working.

I always seem to buy extra of things when i remodel(sometimes so when i'm working late at night i have things i normally wouldn't and couldn't get when store is closed. I have a bin of electrical boxes, one of electrical switches-receps-and misc., one bin of large plumbing pvc fittings and one of small pvc fittings(found it's cheaper to buy extra when you don't know exactly what you need then to keep running to the store!), I have bins of car parts, i use them all the time and think they are well worth the money.

I buy 10 or so when they are on sale everytime i see them. If you are going to spend 200 bucks on 5 large cardboard boxes i would spend the money on 40 rubber bins, that's at $5 a piece. at least your stuff will be somewhat waterproof.


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