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jji 03-10-2013 10:06 PM

Stanley 1800 Garage Door Opener - Install electric eye?
Hello folks,
I've been lurking this board for a little while. My wife and I are about to purchase a new home (closing Friday). We have two little ones and our new garage has an old Stanley 1800.46 garage door opener, which does not have the electric eye safety sensors. I've been advised that it should be possible to install these, but I am not sure if that is the case with this old opener.
I've done a bit of research and am aware that Stanley is not in the garage door business anymore. Anyone out there familiar with this line that can point me to an aftermarket safety sensors setup that should work with this line?


PoleCat 03-11-2013 09:16 AM

I bet that it is going to be alot easier to just buy a new opener. You would need to find the technical data on that model to see if it even has the circuitry to support optical sensors then(if it does) find some out there somewhere that are compatable and connect them.

firehawkmph 03-11-2013 10:44 PM

the old openers were not made to retrofit eyes to. The new openers have a fairly elaborate circuit board that controls all the functions including the eyes. Go buy a new opener. It's cheap insurance. The newer openers have more precise clutch adjustments also. Keeps them from crushing something that gets in the way of the door without tripping the eyes.
Mike Hawkins:)

ThatDaveGuy 03-12-2013 03:57 AM

Replacing your opener is cheap insurance, don't mess around with half-measures. People tend to take garage doors for granted but they are the largest moving object in your home, the sensors were mandated for very good reasons.

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