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D-rock 09-28-2012 07:29 PM

Spray foamed crawl space
Could use some advice

I had my crawl space foamed last fall, from the bottom of the wall to the joists. I never had water problems, but did have some moist walls before this was done. Is it true that the foam will hold and cause all/any moisture and water and cause it to wick up through the sill plates and floor causing root in a year or two?

Read online ( of course) that this is a problem people are having because foam guys just want a job and not telling people to fix all/any water intrusion issues before the walls are sprayed.

I forget the make up of the foam, but I do remember them telling me that it seals out water and will not soak it up. But will water be stuck in the cinder blocks and continue to raise up until it hits the sill plates.

Also, the sill plate is a just over a foot above ground level, so would water even go up that high? Or would it stop and drain out before going up.

This of course if water even leaked into the area.

Thanks for any help, info, or even advice

D-rock 09-28-2012 08:22 PM

So after reading my own post, I should expand. I never had water issue by means of seeing any water or standing water. However from time to time I would see a few areas of the wall just slightly damp.

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