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I've installed hundreds of bifold doors. A dab of Tite bond Behind the knob and the correct lenght screw will lock it in place.
No washers, no nuts needed.
Tite bond will be harder then the material it's bonding.


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remove the bolt knob an dump the nut.put the old nut on the old bolt all the way down on the bolt,then take the bolt and put it against the thickness of the door mark it just about1/4" thicker then the thickness of the door...then take a lineman pliers/wire cutter and cut the bolt it is thin should cut easy.then remove that nut that was on the bolt as it goes past the cut it wil thread the bolt as it comes off.
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Joecaption, I think I understand what you are saying now. You are bonding the knob to the door. I guess years later changing the knob may gum up the door a little but not too bad. I originally was imagining the titebond going in the actual hole not on the backside of the knob.
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Everybody take a breath and relax, re-read original question. Sooo much confusion. There's all kinds of ways to get the bolt the right length; spacers, nuts, washers, blocks of wood; cutting, a new bolt. i have several spaced with nut wich was just right thickness, with a washer it can become adjustable length bolt. It helps if you can tighten handle enuff to get nut to dig into wood. Mite need to add another spacer to make bolt short enuff, washer between bolt head and nut, or another nut, helps here to have nut just too large to fit bolt, Yes, it goes between bolt head and nut.
There's all kinds of ways to keep handle from spinning. Even proper length bolt's head can spin, especially in an old hole that old bolt seated it self too. I don't like the outside behind the knob solutions, you're basically glueing knob to door, just like happens when you install knob B4 paint is completly dry. (!) In a pinch I've taken a small piece of sand paper, folded it in half sand side out, poked a hole in it, pushed bolt thru. Sandpaper goes between door and bolt head, any tight nut spacers go between bolt head and sandpaper; doesn't work as well with loose spacers. Best solution is a lock washer, I like to use two, one inside toothed on bolt, it grips head, (or any nut which screws tight to bolt head before putting on lock washer) one outside toothed washer goes next, it grips door and meshes with first washer, bolt goes through door handle goes on bolt.
Tie a string around the center of a popsycle stick, push string thru hole, tie another stick to other end of string. There a door handle, and it looks just as nice turned one way as another. Paint the outside stick to match decor.


Measure twice, cut once.
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