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Ler0y Jenkins 01-04-2012 07:05 AM

Some questions about my fireplace...
Hi everyone... we moved into a new home in September. The house is built in about 1996 and had a traditional wood-burning fireplace. The prior owners converted the fire place to gas, but utilized the existing firebox by just running a gas line into the firebox and installing some ceramic (I think) logs. In other words, this isn't an insert.

Anyway, there's a vent in the front of the firebox, that goes under the firebox and directly out the back of the chimney. I'm assuming that vent was used to supply air to the fire to promote good combustion. The vent has a lever on the side that can be used to close it, but the door inside the vent that is supposed to close doesn't form an air tight seal and a lot of air is getting in even when it's closed.

Also, there's a 1/16" gap along the front of the firebox, where the firebox meets the hearth.

Both the vent and the gap are letting a good amount of cold air into the family room. I'd like to seal them both... any suggestions on what to use?

For the gap, I was going to just use some fire-resistant silicone caulk. Any suggestions on what to do about the vent?


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