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no tax credit available for such products.


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I'll add my $.02. Not a fan of granite, needs to be sealed, you must select the eact piece as to color/texture. Solid surface, truly seamless once installed, easily renewable surface finish, repairable, many colors, manufacturers. Quartz or man made stones--consistent color, requires no sealing, wide variety of color, manufacturers, I like it.
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Solid surface looks cheap. Lets start by asking what are the home prices and income median for your area? If income is in the 100k plus, and home prices are the same, go with Silestone, Quartz, Soapstone.
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The same debate you and your wife are having most people are having nowadays. I would either go for the engineered stone or granite, solid surface is a bit expensive and doesn't have as much durability as the other two. But that's just my opinion.

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[quote=jbeall;360635]Also, there's the hardness issue. We've got kids and it's just inevitable that somebody is going to bang their head on a corner,

quote]Yeah, you wouldn't want them denting the solid surface material with their heads, better go with the stone.
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Shoot you can shatter a glass on a wood floor ...I've done it .

The wife and I had the same agonizing decision a few yrs back.

WE went with LG- High -Macs regrets.

Sure granite has the edge in looks but to many negatives for me,

your mileage may vary.

A friend has had Corian for several years now and his kitchen is extremely

high end regrets either.
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Hi, I'm a kitchen designer and I get this question a lot. I personally prefer granite. As long as it's sealed it's very durable and beautiful. You also make your $ back in resale. Same with quartz, it just has a more consistent look then the natural variations in granite. Acrylic counters are durable, but can lack luster. They also scratch. But you can buff the scratches with some comet. They can also blush if you put a hot pot on it. Usually it can withstand 220degrees, but it's not recommended to put anything on on them. And don't go black with acrylic! You'll see so many scratches, it's so hard to maintain the darker colors. Have you checked out Eco glass counters? Or soap stone?
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As you can see if you read through this thread, my wife and I made our decision about a year ago and went with Samsung Staron (a solid surface) because Home Depot honored a pricing mistake in their advertising and we got it for the same price as laminate :-) And, we're very happy with it. My wife wanted a matte finish (not shiny), so no issues with the Staron there.

We have some friends that hate their granite countertop (they say it chips all the time, it never looks clean due to all the pits they've got) and wish they had gotten a solid surface, having seen ours.

We have some other friends who went with some Uba Tuba granite and couldn't be happier. They love it.

So I think there's a lot of personal preference here. :-) We're happy with our solid surface, though.

One of the big selling points for us on the solid surface was the integral sink. There's no other countertop (that I'm aware of) that gives you that seamless integral sink. You can do an undermount sink with granite, but it's not seamless and it's not integral--it's undermount.
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My wife and I got a Corian counter top about 8 years ago and we have been very pleased. I think that's what we'll put in the new house too, once the cabinets are done.

I like the integral sink we got with the counter 8 years ago. My wife really like the cast iron sink that's in the new house. It's a big double sink in excellent condition, so I think we'll end up under mounting it in the Corian counter.
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I think with granite it has a lot to do with the variant chosen. There are many many colors, some is more poreous, some is harder, some softer. We picked black galaxy, which is a mottled black with gold/copper color flecks, fairly hard, and not too poreous variety. It is georgous, and has been virtually maintenance free, just a polish once a year. It does not chip, does not show scratches or dirt, does not absorb stuff and change color. We have a large offset under mount sink and the installer did a very nice job. We could not be happier with our choice.

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I'm a fan on concrete countertops. It's about $80-$120 sf around here. Every house in my area has granite countertops.
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Outside of this site, I've never seen a concrete countertop.

We are currently going through the same issues. We've basically ruled-out the corian/staron/etc at this point. It doesn't look much better than a laminate, at WAY more cost. In solid white/off-white it looks ok, but the "rock look" finishes of Corian look cheap. If I'm going to pay that much, it better look nicer than the cheap laminate.

Granite vs. Quartz is our main debate now. The granite we've looked at all comes with a 15-year sealant, so that takes care of the needing to be sealed aspect. Even if it doesn't hold up and needs to be resealed every or every-other year, that's not a hard task. Quartz is probably the superior surface: no seams, no sealing, etc. However, the prices we've got back from most places put Quartz at about 1.5x the cost of Granite - both in 3cm thickness.


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