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cbzdel 05-31-2010 02:07 PM

Solar Tube in Shower Stall?
I have been searching google with no luck. In our master bath we have one overhead light (inside a air vent unit) and we have our vanity with five small bulbs. The main part of the bathroom is very vell light, but when in the shower its very dark because we have solid color shower curtins (which the wife will not lose) Looking at our options I like the idea of adding a solor tube above the shower, it wont work when showering at night but during the day (when the majority of showering happens) it would work great. But I have searched all over google and have no nothing related to putting one above a shower. I am more worried about mosture getting into the tube and causing fogging and possible damage.

I know I could easily add another light but I think this would be a nice change.

Thurman 05-31-2010 04:31 PM

Maybe check your local code on this: We are allowed can lighting directly over the tub/shower area as long as the cover is rated "water resistant/shower rated". These covers are available at big box stores and local electric supply centers, my favorites. It's not really surprising that after I installed these in out two baths with tub/shower units I was able to see and wash areas I had forgotten about :laughing:. I run into this question a lot in my business and have the paperwork to show customers that it is legal as long as the proper equipment is used and installed properly. I do like to change the breaker to a GFCI unit for the bath, if not already done. Once I install the unit it seems that this lead to at least 2-3 more units as they tell friends. David

Scuba_Dave 05-31-2010 05:11 PM

Since the solar tube does not have any electricity it would be allowed
They actually sell a light that you can install in the tube

There is a gasket that came with mine
Intended to seal the tube to prevent air flow
With the tube air being colder & the shower air being warmer I would think the water would condense against the outside of the tube lense, not the inside

Gary in WA 05-31-2010 08:21 PM

We are under the Energy code, if you have a large bathroom window: Insulate it.

If you put in a light, do as Thurman said.

Be safe, Gary

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