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Originally Posted by DangerMouse View Post
All of my hardwired come from one J/B. If he were to disconnect the hidden one and run a new line, no box should be left anywhere and he should be fine, yes? .....dead line and soon to be dead battery.

Yes you will be fine as long as there is no power in the cable it can be buried.

In an attempt to find it have you considered setting off the alarm. Setting off one of the others should set off all of them.


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Originally Posted by joecaption View Post
Just one of the many reason to go with a suspended ceiling and not sheetrock in a basement.
when I was finishing my basement, my electrician buddy (fireman I worked with) purposely left one of my old smoke detectors up in the drop ceiling right below my bedroom. It would only beep in the middle of the night, and not that frequently. It took me about 6 weeks to figure out what it was. He laughed like hell. That was ten years ago. I'm doing his kitchen right now. You know what they say about paybacks.
Mike Hawkins
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We where switching over to CO2 detectors and I just put them in a plastic bag and threw them in my trash trailer which sits on the edge of the property about 75 ft. away from the house and forgot all about them. A few weeks later I kept hearing a really faint beeping. I looked every where in the house, in the basement, out in the garage, and nothing.
It got louder outside which made no since because the nearest house is several hundred ft. away.
A month later when I needed to use the trailer I figured it out.
It was a Homer Simpson moment. Dout.
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Originally Posted by DangerMouse View Post
I think this might just be the simplest answer.

I would think not. Unless the home is old, all the detectors in the house are likely ganged. Disconnecting a wire might disable all of them.

If they are ganged, what I would do (with someone assisting) is push the test button on one of them. That will set all of them off, probably making the hidden one easier to find.


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