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BiXLL 04-02-2005 06:44 AM

Sky lite Replacement
Great looking forum you have going here! Lets see if I can get some help!

House was totally redone about 10 years ago. I mean striped down to studding, new wiring, plumbing, window and door locations changed, roof lines combined and changed,pretty much everything! This was done over a 6 month time span, with a small contractor working with me allowing me to do a lot of the work in conjunction with what he was doing. I was/am very happy with the work done by the contractor with 1 exception.

When putting the roof on, he came to me and suggested adding some skylites to the project. I was amazed at how little it was going to cost, so I said "go for it"! What he did was install 2 16" square polycarbonit molded pieces of junk in my kitchen, bathroom, and front porch. He framed out the openings for them before sheathing the roof, and I have turned in the corners when I plasterd the cielings. So I have a nice looking 15" opening. About 2 years ago I had some small leaking problems from a couple of them. The contractor I used is deceased, so I decided I would just go up and seal them myself with silicone. Well, all of the skylites are now swelling and loosing seal, with the ones I used silicone on being the worst!

I am looking for suggestions as to how to replace or fix this situation. I have searched and can find no skylites with any kind of curb, or self flashing system offered small enough for me to use. About all I am seeing is pretty much what I all ready have.

Can anybody HELP???????????

housedocs 04-03-2005 01:26 AM

Hello and welcome to the forums.

Sounds like some real cheap skylights, probably was a reason why they were so cheap to include in the remodel. All the skylights I've installed came with the flashing kit and (knock on wood) never had any problems.

You might have to enlarge the opening a bit to fit a decent model in there. Second option, find a company that makes a quality product and have them custom made to fit your openings. Third and worst option, yank them pieces of junk out, and seal them up, piece in some sheeting and roofing, then patch the ceiling. I'd opt for door number 2 personally.

Comes to doors, windows, skylights & such, I think too many people opt for a cheaper product, when in reality this is the one place you really don't want to scrimp

Others will chime in with some opinions in the morning I ssupect.

BiXLL 04-03-2005 04:12 PM


Others will chime in with some opinions in the morning I ssupect

LOL, guess not! Oh well, thanks for your input!

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