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S54 05-22-2010 08:06 PM

Simpson door problem: contact?
Newb here, so thanks for the patience with my note.

I'd like to get some thoughts on a problem I am having with a 2.5 yr old Simpson door w/sidelights and frame that I had intalled in my house here in Colorado. It's solid with a fir veneer.

I bought Simpson because of the recommendation of the dealer and because of online recommendations, but so far am very disappointed.

It's an east-facing front door under a semi-covered porch, but since I go in through the garage door, I don't use it much. When purchasing, the dealer said I should have it coated with a spar urethane every 2-3 yrs, so last month I had some people over to look at doing this, and have found that the door is severely delaminating in several spots.

The dealer has washed his hands of it, as has the local Simpson rep, both saying it's out of warranty and I'm out of luck.

They sent over an independent door contractor to assess, and he agreed that it was poor workmanship and that it had likely been going on for some time.

Perhaps shame on me for not noticing it, but I paid what I think is a lot of money and I think it's unacceptable for something that expensive to basically fall apart in less than two years.

My question: does anyone have any executive- or consumer affairs contacts at Simpson whom I could speak with about a remedy?

Thanks in advance.


Ron6519 05-23-2010 08:12 PM

I don't really understand this post. Why is the door delaminating? How was the door finished when it was installed?
If it was ,"poor workmanship", what exactly does that mean?

S54 05-23-2010 10:07 PM

Simpson door problem
Thanks for the reply, Ron. As I am only the homeowner, I am trying to relay what I have heard.

Simpson contracts with a Denver-area company to do repairs and refinishes, and the gentleman came over and pointed out a number of areas where it is "delaminating". Most noticeably, there is a 1"x7" area about 3/4 of the way up the door, where the fir veneer has separated from the door, and moisture is getting in. He suggested I superglue to prevent further moisture penetration.

The repairman said that Simpson is a high end manufacturer and that he has never seen a Simpson door perform like this after such a short period of time, confirming the reason I bought (what I thought was) a quality door.

I can't answer how it was finished, but the local dealer stained it and (I presume) sealed it against the elements. I found the original invoice and found that I paid ~$750 for whatever finishing happened.

I fully understand the need to maintain a wood door, and I initially found out about the damage after having a painter come over to maintain it.

Finally, the repairman said he could not refinish it even if I wanted to, and suggested I go back to the dealer, and more importantly, to Simpson itself - thus the reason for the original post. I have sent a note to the customer care address on their website, but I was just hoping someone had a specific contact there.


Ron6519 05-24-2010 07:52 AM

You should contact the dealer who finished the door and find out what he did. The best made door in the world, if not correctly sealed, will fail.
Not too many manufacturers will take responsibility for a door that was improperly sealed.
If the dealer used spar urethane as mentioned, the door should have held up, if... It was applied to all the surfaces, given at least 2 coats, and the product used was fresh and of good quality.
Try posting some pictures.

DDS-2007 02-02-2012 08:23 AM

I am going to assume, Simpson did not address your issue
Hi Jim,

Sorry to have missed out on commenting on this sooner. I have come across your issue, and trust me, I know exactly how you feel. As a business owner in the this industry, it baffles me to see that a manufacturer have the audacity to place a one year warranty (99% of the doors) behind there products. FYI, this is an industry standard, and why I have decided to avoid the commodity millwork manufacturers and use local custom window and door fabricators.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your door is not solid either. "engineered" does not constitute solid.

SO... now that we have this out in the clear...
Here is what I would suggest if this issue is still open. Obtain all of your documentation and start the proceeding to small claims court. It's the only way to limit the cost that one would risk, and you will be heard by the judicial system. It's that simple.
Good luck and if you need an expert in the industry, contact me.

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