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bluegrass 09-11-2009 05:16 PM

shed roof over old deck
Hi folks, I'd like to build a shed roof over an old wood deck for protection frow the elements. The deck extends out 15 feet from the house, and I'd like the roof to cover about 25 feet (right to left) of decking. The house facia board is @8'-6" high and I would like to keep the shed roof no lower than @7' on the 'downhill' side of the roof. I live in the 'hudson valley' of new york, and need to consider the slope and possible snow load. How should I go about building this roof (will I have to start the shed roof on top of the house's roof or can I go from the facia board, if so how far up from the edge should I start?) Thanks, Peter

brokenknee 09-11-2009 05:26 PM


Tom Struble 09-11-2009 07:18 PM

you have to start at the deck footings and work from there

Wildie 09-12-2009 01:03 PM

I just finished a similar project!
As I live in proximity of Detroit frost and snowload were of major concern!
My deck was of concrete construction, but the footings were inadequate. To correct this I had to install footings, down at the 4' level and pour piers to support the concrete foundation walls.
The shed style roof is supported by 2, 6X6 posts. Between the posts (13' span) is a laminated beam, constructed from 3, 2X10's.
The roof is a low slope (2-12) and uses 2X8 rafters (8' span). The rafters are supported by a ledger board that is lag ( 1/2X4")screwed to the house framing, just under the existing soffit.
Low slope roofing material was required. It was of a type that is laid in 2 layers. The 1st layer is nailed to the deck, then its paper backer is stripped of, exposing an adhesive surface. Then the 2nd layer, with the finished surface is laid onto this.

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