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Securing glass doors & windows

I was broken into last week. The thief threw a rock through a basement window crawled in and helped himself. I had a security system installed the next day and bars over the basement windows. I cannot have a dog due to allergies.

Now I am concerned about other points of entry.

First is doors.. I can get longer screws, longer metal strike plates, and possibly install more hinges. Anything else to help prevent them from being kicked in?

What about windows? Other than bars, which are unsightly, and bulletproof glass (expensive) is there anything else to try? I read about Shatter Guard for Windows, but can't help but wonder how easy it would be to first break the window then stick a knife through the film for easy, safer access.

My goal is not so much to document entry, but prevent future smash & grabs.


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Getting to know your neighbors is the first step, then finding out how to get a neighborhood watch program started. This is a lot more effective, than alarm systems. As for smash and grabs, most are done by those looking for something easy that can be pawned or sold for drug money.


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get an alarm, even if it's a very basic one with no monitoring. For the most part, a theif is looking for a quick easy score, especially the ones that are just gonna throw a stone through a window. If they enter your home and hear a keypad beeping that is waiting for code, or a siren blaring, they assume the cops have been notified, and will get out quick.

The problem with putting bars on all the windows and 3 locks on all the doors is that in the event of a fire or other emergency you risk becoming a prisoner in your own home.

Get an alarm, and/or add motion lights, timers etc so it looks like someone is home. Don't make your home so secure that the fire dept can't get in or you won't be able to get out quickly when your life depends on it.

If i was looking for a home to break into, I'd first look for one that is dark inside and out, I'd next look for one that didn't have an alarm company sign on the front lawn, or stickers on the window. If i popped a brick through the window and heard a shouting neighbor, an alarm went off, or a dog started barking, I'd move on to an easier target, there are plenty of them out there
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Assuming that your exterior doors have three hinges, I would not add any, but would replace all, or at least some, of the screws with ones long enough to get into the framing. Deadbolt locks are also a good investment. Depending on how much you use your basement, I might consider bars on those windows, but as for primary windows, you don't want to make yourself feel that you are living inside of a cage. On a somewhat related note, I happen to have several good friends in law enforcement, and at least in our area, it seems that well more than half of the "break-ins" are "walk-ins", simply meaning that the thieves are opportunistic, and are accessing homes, as well as vehicles, through unlocked doors and windows. So, without getting into a whole separate discussion on how insurance handles such matters, etc., be proactive by securing your home and property as well as you are able when away, and as mentioned earlier, get to know your neighbors. Although I don't consider myself or any of those around me paranoid, I would guess that I make or receive a call a month on average, regarding a car parked in someone's driveway, a trash can tipped over, or whatever. So far, they have thanfully proven to be innocent events, but it does add a significant layer of comfort, knowing that we have each others six.
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