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Sheila4467 11-10-2009 08:30 PM

Sealing Very small spaces before Insulation?
I need to make my garage very "tight" before I insulate it. (around switches, and itty bitty spaces) I would like some suggestions on using the "foam in a can" or caulk, or what?

It's been a while since I insulated, so I need to know what's current, and what is best, for little spaces before the insulation goes in.

gregzoll 11-10-2009 10:03 PM

Use a Vapor barrier over the insulation, then place the Gypsum board over it. This will create a better Vapor/Air barrier, then the foams. I used around the window in my garage, which is un-insulated, only to keep out the critters, and cold wind. In the house, I used Door/Window foam to seal around the top of the basement windows & the sill plate, clear silicon around window frame & door frames to keep out any cold air.

Since this is a garage, I would not worry much about really sealing, since the garage door will defeat the whole purpose when opened.

Sheila4467 11-11-2009 12:56 AM


I should have mentioned, that my husband and I will be living there, off and on, when we start our home building, and may even need to live there full time when finishing up.

So, we are going to need it sealed up much like a home.
It will have drywall, painted, and new flooring. carpet etc.

Lots of critters around, and wooded a couple blocks away, in all directions.

The garage was made pretty tight, but there are always those little spaces, and of course, as you mentioned, the windows, doors and sills. I used the foam years ago when it first came out, but worry about it now. I will look into the vapor barrier, thank you for that. I forgot about using it inside.

We are going to replace the front windows too, so better to get all we need, when go and pick up the windows.

Thank you again for the information.

PS What about electrical outlets?

gregzoll 11-11-2009 07:30 AM

Foam covers made to go over outlets. Since again, this is a garage, critters will get in under the garage door, and when it is left open. As for outlets & light switches, I would not place anything over them. As mentioned before, you can place Visquen over the ceiling & walls to make more air tight.

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