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willsannie 09-06-2004 11:30 AM

Screws to use in upvc coservatory

I am trying to put curtain track in the upvc window frames, where there are screwholes from previous roller blinds.
I have discovered that it is hollow beyond where the screws used to fit.
I didn't fit the previous blinds, and I don't want to create more holes. What type of screws do I need for the previous holes, and a couple of new ones?.
I have tried to fit rawl plugs, but this doesn't work. The curtain track I have purchased is of standard size.
I would appreciate advice on this, before i ruin my conservatory.
Thank you.

MgMopar 09-12-2004 08:06 AM


I am a bit unsure what would be the best solution. I would look for screws of the same size or slightly bigger then that were previously used. They probably used a small wood type screw. I would think with it hollow it wouldn't need to be very long ether. I would think if you have any holes that you are not using you could deburr it for no raised spots and dap a little silicon of the same color in the hole and make less noticeable. If you plan on hanging heavy curtains make sure your track is secure. It may be possible to mount plywood strips painted the same color to help disperse the load. If requred these could be ran to the floor. If curtains are light don't worry about the plywood stuff.

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