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Originally Posted by cleveman View Post
First of all, could you add your location to your profile?

It might be nice to know the dimensions of the space, and which walls are exterior walls. For example, the wall which the vent comes down seems to have a footing under it. I think this is why the vent is brought out from the wall, in order to avoid the footing. However, it looks like the footing was knocked out for the drain line?

It looks to me like the space is about 5'-4" wide. I mean the wall with the cluster of pex on it.

What dimension in the other direction do you have to work with?

I suppose the walls are just furred out basement walls and have nothing to do with structure?

I think I would start by removing the walls. You know you're going to have to remove the sheetrock anyway.

Next, I would cut out the floor out beyond where you want your shower pan to be. You're going to need to relocate that drain anyway, unless you want one of those $400 linear drains near a side. So just take a 4x4 or whatever chunk of concrete out.

Try to make peace with that cluster of pex in some way. Maybe you can just fur out that wall far enough to put it all in a wall. Or reconfigure it to fit into a 2x4 or 2x6 wall.

If you can't get the vent down a wall, you can fur out the wall some more to allow space for it. Or, let's say it is 30-60" out from the other wall. Just build another framed wall there for a partial side wall, coming out maybe 12" or whatever it takes to incorporate that vent into it.

Now you have a big open area with no concrete in it and your supply lines are all squared away.

Lay out your drain so it is in the center of your proposed shower pan. Now I'm going to take you down the road of a curbless shower. You can decide whether you want to go with a two-layer system with a membrane in the middle, or a one layer system with a waterproof membrane applied on the top only.

If you go with the two layer system, then pour your pre-slope well below the slab surface, and lay down your membrane. Run the membrane up your framed walls and up the front, where it will terminate at the floor level.

Next, pour your second layer and you are done.

For the one layer system, get yourself a laticrete or similar drain designed for a single layer, and pour your concrete or portland/sand mix so that it is flush with your existing slab surface. Then follow the directions. You will apply a surface membrane to the floor and side walls.

Now you have a curbless shower. If you want a curb, add one.

Thanks Cleveman,
I appreciate the help and attention... I'm in the Hendersonville, TN area.

On the shower walls: on the opposite side of the walls is my already very small, super organized, garage with our water heater directly behind the rat nest of PEX pipes you see in the pictures. My work bench is also in that are of my garage. the wall to the right of the PEX pipe mess is an exterior wall... the other wall is also garage.
We are in a long, narrow, town home style house. You know the type where our neighbors house is literally a matter of about 10 or12 ft from our house.

So I cant really expand my walls...
I've been searching fro answers on YouTube as well as JohnBridge's forum and I think I've got a game plan.

I'm going to just use treated lumber to build the curb and just build the curb around that vent pipe that's coming up out of the slab. I'm probably going to mirror the build out that I do around the vent pipe on the other side as well... that way it will look like I planned it to look like that. It will kind of frame the curb up to the wall. I could make the curb big/wide enough to be a straight curb and hide the vent too, but the curb would 8.5" wide and 6.5" tall we just don't think that would look right so that why doing just the areas where the curb meets the wall. It's not the ideal way, but like I said... its my first tile job and tile shower.

I'm also going to build a ledge or shelf around the PEX pipe (about 4 or 5ft high) and (about 8 or 9 inches from the wall). This will hide the pipes and act as a shelf for shampoo, soap, etc..
Then I will cement board everything, RedGard and Reinforce the seems with Reinforcement fabric tape, and more RedGard, then tile it and be done.

The only thing that concerns me is getting the rubber membrane to go all the way over the odd shaped curb that Im going to be doing. I picked up some rubber membrane corner pieces that Oatey makes for sealing the membrane around shower curbs from Home Depot. Im sure I'll fugure something out to make it seal properly.

So that's the way I'm going to do it. Since this is my first shower install... I don't want to get in any more over my head than I already am ... So I don't want to have to bust up concrete and relocate drain pipes,walls, etc. if I don't absolutely have to (especially since I don't have anyone helping me).

Let me know what you guys think... (that is if any of that made any sense t0 you)


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Originally Posted by gregzoll View Post
That or a homeowner did all of that mess.
No way! I never lived there. But it looks like the sort of monkeybars I would build if I had a big sack of fittings and a little sack of pipe.....and too much to drink.


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